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ELS 2900 – back to the roots

Our Race Before I get into this small introduction, I state that with my team mate Ben, we did not finish the race. We had some serious issues in case of fatigue and digestion. Instead of tackling the last peak... Continue Reading →

Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink , Leif Babin

A book about leadership, about discipline, about owning your actions. A book, what everybody should read, to understand the consequences of actions taken. Taken in life, in relationships, in business, in health ! This is not your everyday motivational speech... Continue Reading →

Maffetone Method – Again !!!

Why again ? Increasing number of injured and sick runners desperately seeking the magic pill ! This is the magic pill ! However, it is a medicating substance to be taken every single moment, through out a lifetime ! What... Continue Reading →

Running Related Stomach Distress

This is a question of so many runners getting into trouble during long training runs and races. What is causing this ? No mystification needed: Effort ! 100% of all the time ! We do not talk about food poisoning... Continue Reading →

Saucony Peregrine 7 ICE+

As an additional info to the previous Saucony Peregrine article, where I listed nearly all Peregrine models, I also used and will use 2 winter editions of the Peregrin 6 and 7 ! The Peregrin 6 ICE and the Peregrin... Continue Reading →

Saucony Peregrine 7v2

This is a shoe, very close to my heart. Why ? I had all the models. I mean really from the first edition to this last one, all of them and multiple of them. My very favorite was the 5th... Continue Reading →

GR20 – The Ultimate Hiking Guide

There are 4 ways of doing the GR20. Regardless which you chose, you always should go the lightest possible. I also do not find it interesting to do the GR20 South to North, so I discuss only the North to... Continue Reading →

The Ageing Runner Syndrome

On the featured image you can see Dr Romanov teaching. . He is improving athletes of all sports and all ages. Everybody can be bettered, it is just a question of will power, determination and decision ! The choice is... Continue Reading →

Marathon du Mont Calm News 2018

Well, this is one of the most scenic races on the Trail slash Sky Running scene. We also discovered the pyrenees the first time, what is a new and savage place to explore. It has a great ambiance, low key,... Continue Reading →

INFO Via Ferrata Tende / La Brigue 2017

Tende - Les Comtes Lascaris This via ferrata is quiet easy and accessible to anybody with its short length and easy approach. Half of the course is not maintained because of a broken landing platform at the end of the second... Continue Reading →

Nano – Microencapsulated MRP !

Working with outdoor athletes, always poses some challenging questions on nutrition and on fuelling during 5h plus events or multi-day adventures. In winter-cold temperatures, it is easy ! You can even carry hard boiled eggs and butter with you !... Continue Reading →

Meal replacement powders

It all started with an email from an American brand, to write a detailed review on a meal replacement powder. As I was browsing through the list of ingredients, my answer was sent back immediately, that I am not gonna... Continue Reading →

Running Speed Secrets – N°1

New series of videos started in order to understand and develop running speed. First we talked about the absolute basics to understand the steps you need to take to be a better runner who can gain and maintain momentum faster... Continue Reading →

The secret to EPIC recovery

Regular, quality lifelong habits ! This is the only and most effective way to go. I find that the older I get, the better my post-workout and post-race recovery is. I include more and more positive reinforcement to my daily life... Continue Reading →

Diet Wars: Paleo vs. Vegan

What a controversial topic. Trolls, Here I come ! For 7 years I used to be a vegan. Not really an activist type, more likely a health geek version of it. For positive health and performance reasons, I switched to... Continue Reading →

Jimini’s – Cricket Nutrition

The whole world eat insects. Even you ! Without knowing, we consume bugs, worms and their eggs. The more processed food we eat, the higher the chance is, that something sneaked into our bread, apple-tart or green smoothie. In addition when... Continue Reading →

BLOG: Ultimate Race

Diagonal des Fadas 140km: Aix en Provence a Marseille Sainte Victoire, Sainte Baume and the Calanques. Three iconic places to traverse on the South of France. They are not difficult in case of elevation gain or technical climbing, however, the rockiness... Continue Reading →

Garmin Fenix 5 – Français

Introduction Montre excellente pour l'athlète amateur ou même professionnel. Il convient à tous les sports. Grâce à sa fonction multisports illimitée, nous pouvons également l'utiliser librement pour toutes activités telles que le triathlon, swim&run, bike&run, course d'aventure/raid ou swim/bike/run/swim/escalade/kayak/vtt(…) Très... Continue Reading →

Stubborn Health

Being a personal development guide and health advisor (great titles, aren't they ?) , this is a subject, close to my heart. In the last decade, I have met and worked with a lot of potential champions entrapped in their own... Continue Reading →

Garmin Fenix 5

What could this watch do what others aren't capable of ? Tons, but are they useful for real athletes ? I have gone through some client's Garmin devices with heaps of applications and widgets installed, but would you use those options on a daily basis,... Continue Reading →

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