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C’est facile a courir !

(Photo: premier descent pendant le trail de Tignet) Il y a malheureusement trop de coureurs en surpoids, musculairement sous-entrainés, déséquilibrés et blessés ! Ils me disent qu’ils voulaient juste sortir 2 fois par semaine avec leurs amis et s’amuser. Il faut... Continue Reading →

Help to digest Coconut oil better

Some of you might experience upset stomach or diarrhetic issues from coconut oil consumption. It is mostly coming from light initial sensitivity to it. Also as it has mild antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties, some explain this liquid morning... Continue Reading →

X-Bionic – the most functional outdoor clothing (n)ever seen

X-Bionic have been supporting our trail running team for a very long time now. I own multiple sets of the Trick System (short + t-shirt) , what I have been using for almost 3 years now, with like 30 pairs... Continue Reading →

BLOG: RevVO2Mix Phase 2

After this ultra-marathon season, I really needed some serious, strategic and realizable training plan. Following a structured plan is sometimes the necessary choice, in order to get back into regular training. Having fun in the mountains is great, but racing... Continue Reading →

BLOG: VO2Max – Training update

If you read my previous article on VO2max training, you understood the way I am thinking about too much specialising. I started using multi-sport protocols as to build a highly functional aerobic system. I recently finished this latest microcycle of... Continue Reading →

Sac à dos OSPREY – Tempest 30

Parfait pour de belles randonnées à la journée où vous ne porterez que l’essentiel. Capacité : 30L Poids : 0,86 kg Dimensions : 57 H. x 28 l. x 27 P. Ce sac est très bien adapté à la morphologie... Continue Reading →

Photos: Marathon Nice – Cannes 2017

Voila qq photos de marathon des Alpes Maritimes 06. Peut être vous allez vous trouver :  

Hack your VO2MAX : RevVO2Mix

VO2MAX is a strange component of running. It does not only correlate to heart rate and breathing, but to muscle-groups used, quality of those muscles, quality of nervous system, lung health, thoracic expandability (how the ribcage can expand), the surrounding... Continue Reading →

Inov8 – XTalon 212 Women

Les adeptes de chaussures minimalistes ayant des pieds fins vont adorer ce modèle. X-Talon 212 de Inov8 est un modèle qui présente un drop de 6mm. Son chaussant étroit et ses 2 derniers oeillets (que l'on retrouve presque sur toutes... Continue Reading →

TrailMIX: UltraNutrition

I already posted 3 videos on youtube, about endurance nutrition. This is going to be a regular thing, as I have been interested in this subject all my life. I have been studying it rigorously every single day, I am... Continue Reading →

Chaussures La Sportiva – Trango Alp Gtx

Modèle testé et approuvé ! Je vous explique pourquoi... L'année dernière, mon mari et moi-même avions décidé de parcourir la totalité du GR20 (Nord/Sud) en autonomie complète. Nous avions prévu qu'une seule semaine de vacances au mois de juin. A... Continue Reading →

ELS 2900 – back to the roots

Our Race Before I get into this small introduction, I state that with my team mate Ben, we did not finish the race. We had some serious issues in case of fatigue and digestion. Instead of tackling the last peak... Continue Reading →

Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink , Leif Babin

A book about leadership, about discipline, about owning your actions. A book, what everybody should read, to understand the consequences of actions taken. Taken in life, in relationships, in business, in health ! This is not your everyday motivational speech... Continue Reading →

Maffetone Method – Again !!!

Why again ? Increasing number of injured and sick runners desperately seeking the magic pill ! This is the magic pill ! However, it is a medicating substance to be taken every single moment, through out a lifetime ! What... Continue Reading →

Running Related Stomach Distress

This is a question of so many runners getting into trouble during long training runs and races. What is causing this ? No mystification needed: Effort ! 100% of all the time ! We do not talk about food poisoning... Continue Reading →

Saucony Peregrine 7 ICE+

As an additional info to the previous Saucony Peregrine article, where I listed nearly all Peregrine models, I also used and will use 2 winter editions of the Peregrin 6 and 7 ! The Peregrin 6 ICE and the Peregrin... Continue Reading →

Saucony Peregrine 7v2

This is a shoe, very close to my heart. Why ? I had all the models. I mean really from the first edition to this last one, all of them and multiple of them. My very favorite was the 5th... Continue Reading →

GR20 – The Ultimate Hiking Guide

There are 4 ways of doing the GR20. Regardless which you chose, you always should go the lightest possible. I also do not find it interesting to do the GR20 South to North, so I discuss only the North to... Continue Reading →

The Aging Runner Syndrome

On the featured image you can see Dr Romanov teaching. . He is improving athletes of all sports and all ages. Everybody can be bettered, it is just a question of will power, determination and decision ! The choice is... Continue Reading →

Marathon du Mont Calm News 2018

Well, this is one of the most scenic races on the Trail slash Sky Running scene. We also discovered the pyrenees the first time, what is a new and savage place to explore. It has a great ambiance, low key,... Continue Reading →

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