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Garmin Fenix 5

What could this watch do what others aren't capable of ? Tons, but are they useful for real athletes ? I have gone through some client's Garmin devices with heaps of applications and widgets installed, but would you use those options on a daily basis,... Continue Reading →

BLOG: Mercantour in Winter Trance

Before I explain why and before I show some nice pictures, I have to state, that to date, this was the most brutal outing of my life. It is not the duration or the heavy bag full of necessary survival and... Continue Reading →

Yumpa – Next Step Foods

"Next Step Foods" founder Tony Askins kindly sent me a couple of Yumpa cricket bars to try them out and to compare them to other commercialised cricket products. He is an award winning landscape architect slash green thinker in the two areas... Continue Reading →

CroBar – GathrFoods

Danish origine Christine Spliid from is the "mother" of CroBar, the insect based energy fuel made from quality ingredients and of course crickets. She is an endurance runner, travels a lot and superbly enthusiast about healthy, unconventional food. We can definitely say... Continue Reading →


Starting from now, each week, I am going to test out 1 insect based nutritional brand. Today, let me introduce you the UK based EATGRUB ! The idea came up to two friends in 2013 when they promised themselves and a kickstarter... Continue Reading →

Why shouldn’t we eat beans ?

Legumes and pulses are often associated with bloating, gas, explosive toilet experiences and misdigestion in general. This was my take on them too, so while I was not totally avoiding them, I ate stews and chilly beans not more often... Continue Reading →

Insects in (Sports)Nutrition

Insects are eaten word wide, period. Accidentally, as a snack, as part of a main meal or as a necessity for daily survival. In the so called 'modern' society (western nations), mostly crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms and their flours are used... Continue Reading →

Free Biohacks: Cold

Intro What the hell is a Biohack you might ask ? I quiet dislike to use the term Biohack as it became a real cliché. It is just a now trendy self-expression expression, that yeah, I am a Biohacker. I would describe it this... Continue Reading →

Gut Healing Foods

Topic of my heart. Why ? As an endurance athlete, regardless of what sport you do, triathlon, ultra running, trail racing, alpinisme, rock climbing, arctic expeditions, we must eat, we must digest, we must recover. If your digestive system doesn't... Continue Reading →

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