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“Next Step Foods” founder Tony Askins kindly sent me a couple of Yumpa cricket bars to try them out and to compare them to other commercialised cricket products. He is an award winning landscape architect slash green thinker in the two areas of flood management and environmental regeneration. He teamed up with developmental chef Naomi Benoist, food manufacturing expert Mark Bradburn and her wife Joe Askins who is managing marketing and business in general. This is how YumpaBar uk based company was born.

Yumpa acrotrail 3

You can find more info about the enterprise here : http://www.nextstepfoods.com/ 

Also, visite the faq, news and blog section to find out interesting information about the health and environmental benefits of entomophagy.

The Yumpa Bars

At this moment they can provide us with 3 different products in the form of natural energy bars. I got the Tangy Thai – zingy lime coconut and ginger flavoured one and the Cocoa A-Go-Go – warming cocoa, orange and cardamom one.


Getting in some insect fuelled breakfast during the Gialorgues Travers

First things first before you open the bar. The wrapper. It feels like paper, not plastic. As we talk about a brand focusing on environmentalism, that is superbly important. Check the small sign at the back of the packaging : OK TO COMPOST !!!

Most of the the ingredients are certified organic, they are high grade and you’ll feel it afterwards you consumed it, in your mouth and body too. If I ate something bad, what had hidden or low quality composants, I would have an itch, rush, groggy feeling or digestive issues. No, I am not allergic, nor food sensitive. I live in-tuned with my body, surveil it and listen to it. If I had reputable organic cous cous, bread or pasta, I would completely absorb it with no issues. That, I cannot say about traditional plain white baguette or wonder-bread. Yumpa bars have amazing texture, digest purely, easy to chew, give you rapid-sustained energy and have good weight to energy ratio, what makes it ideal for backpacking, trail-running and cycling.

  • No added sugar
  • No trans-fats
  • No taste enhancers or other artificial ingredients
  • No preservatives or colourings
  • No Gluten , No Dairy

acrotrail yumpa caloriesacrotrail yumpa ingredients

You can check me out on Strava, I did a a couple of 30hours training weeks and fuelled my long rides and hikes with Yumpa bars. At this moment, they are one of my favorite ones from the cricket based energy foods.


The rating is completely biased and personal. There is no scientific reasoning behind. The goal of the cricket bar presentations is to make the grand public aware of entomophagy  and that it is a valuable and very achievable idea, what might be part of saving the planet.



Having a try on the Cocoa a-go-go at the Refuge de Vens

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