The secret to EPIC recovery

Regular, quality lifelong habits ! This is the only and most effective way to go. I find that the older I get, the better my post-workout and post-race recovery is. I include more and more positive reinforcement to my daily life and constantly change the details of some habits, in order to evolve constantly. Here are my present tips on elevating your recovery to superhuman levels. Of course the benefits can come only together with a generally healthy lifestyle and a self-constructing environment. 


Have a template of foods, what you must eat everyday in order to get certain nutrients. You don’t need copious amounts, just a bit, but every day. Some days more, some days less, but every single day. Also have discipline:

  • 1 tomato: at least one as lycopene is nearly only in them
  • Deep greens: one giant chard, 4-5 spinach leaves, some stinging nettle, parsley
  • 1 can of sardines a day (no if you already ate fish)
  • 1 spoon of: chia seeds and flax seeds
  • 1 purple food: blueberry, red cabbage, beetroot, plum
  • 1 citrus a day: can be a lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit, maybe a mandarin
  • 2-4g spiruline a day: they are composed of very unique elements
  • A piece of ginger and curcuma every single day: raw, cooked or  in a herbal infusion
  • One or two herbal infusions daily
  • 1 coffee a day infused with cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1 egg a day
  • 3-5 cloves of garlic and a some oignons uncooked
  • Eating fatty in the morning and afternoon then carb backload in the evening
  • Eating 90min to 2hours before bedtime for undisturbed sleep
  • 5 to 7dl of water straight up in the morning (infused: vinegar or bicarbonate de soda and salts or amino acids)
  • Drinking enough quality water during the day
  • Magnesium flakes and eggshell powder 3 times a week before bedtime
  • Eat 1 to 3 times a day, no nibbling, snacking or gorging out


  • Saying to your spouse how much you appreciate your relationship and how much you respect her.
  • Saying thanks to myself and appreciate my own daily actions. Gratitude !
  • Trying to help others who demand, during the day as part of a normal life: getting an elderly through a zebra, showing a software to a colleague, being a good example. (yes it changes brainwaves, behaviour, attitude, confidence)
  • Keeping your environment hygienic and clean. This will mentally keep you locked in on whatever task you try to accomplish
  • Cold shower at least once a day, what could be a contrast shower
  • Definitely a cold or contrast shower before bed, even at winter time !
  • At least one breathing session daily, what can be Wim Hof, box breathing or Tummo…
  • Do not leave any problems unsolved, look for challenges and reschedule anything if needed. Nothing gets left behind !
  • Fresh air and forest bathing every day: trail running, walking, hiking, setting up a hammock
  • Sunshine every day, at least 30 min, running, cycling, walking
  • Reading every day at least 10 pages of a real book
  • Some sort of massage, muscular pressure every day: foam rolling, stick, self massage
  • Sleep as early as possible, in a cold, dark, aired out room.
  • Do not put any chemicals on to your body: body lotions, shower gels, tooth paste, parfume, deodorants, pool swimming, hair dye…
  • Do not expose any chemicals on your body: hand sanitisers, soaps, washing liquids, paint, wood dye, diesel or benzine, acetone, nail-polish…
  • Sinus wash at least once a week (notty potty, nose budy…)
  • Clay mask at least once a week


  • Try avoiding air-conditioning
  • Try avoiding people smoking near you
  • Try avoiding getting stuck in traffic/car
  • Try avoiding being stuck in a non aired out, chemically altered room, like fresh paint, fresh window glue, concrete dust, freshly washed up rooms too
  • Try avoiding staying long in a factory, computer rooms, fume altered workshops
  • Avoid being around drunk people
  • Surround yourself only with personalities bringing you forward as energy draining, negative thoughts, demotivation can deactivate certain brain regions
  • Be the most outside possible
  • Do not be seated longer than 50minutes. 50minutes of work and 5minutes of exercise and 5minutes to go to toilet, do some breathing, refill your water bottle.
  • Turn off wifi and avoid all electricity in your bedroom
  • Do not be exposed to wifi or phone radiation all day long. If I am forced to have my phone turned on, I keep it in the outer pocket of my back pack. Otherwise it is in airplane mode.
  • Have the most plants possible in your apartment / house / workplace !
  • Avoid pollution: light, noise, chemical, dust, electric, thermal, electromagnetic
  • Avoid and take care of mold and fungi. Toxic mold in old houses, apartments can be the number 1 cause of your health problems
  • Avoid amalgam tooth fillings. The black ones ! Take them out and use often a light metal detoxifier, like spiruline, chlorella, green clay…

These are miniature and very doable passive and active actions and thought processes what can be integrated into any life without effort. To be 100 % automated. It is like shopping. Most says: “I don’t want to read labels or check everything profoundly I buy, it would take too much time”. Well you must first invest time, then it goes on to autopilot. In and out from the supermarket 10minutes with all you need and in case you forgot something, it is no big deal, you already have all necessary for tomorrow’s health !

Incorporating quality habits will result in an imprint in your automated brain and will build further actions towards the bigger picture. It will open up your eyes and actually free up time.


Actually training is the smallest part of the whole recovery process. Everything what we do outside of it, including the minutes or days beforehand and afterwards what counts.

  • Program your training correctly
  • Periodise high intensity and endurance periods
  • Include some endurance into high intensity cycles and some speed and explosiveness into endurance phases
  • Warming up is crucial, so as a gradual cool down ! No compromise on this !
  • No direct step into a high power / high impact activity ! A light 5minute mobility session before cycling, gym or running, will already greatly decrease the likelihood of any injuries.
  • Run shirtless if possible. The direct touch of the quality air, the dust and the good bacterias, the wind and the sunshine, will give you extra energy, health and mindfulness.
  • Avoid being cold, but don’t over cover yourself. Train smartly for cold as you train for hot.
  • Incorporate regular yoga, pilates, full range of motion movements and breathing into any regime. Crucial for joint mobility, relaxation and homeostasis.
  • Quality and correct stretching, flexibility and mobility routines, every day.
  • Train with just slightly fitter people ! This is the best and most efficacious way to improve. If you ran a 34:35 10km PR, your next months should be spent with guys already achieving between 33:30 and  33:59 !
  • No matter what coaches say, don’t avoid strength, power, explosiveness and heavy lifting. This can be catering for cows, chopping wood, rock-climbing, ski touring or going to the gym and doing deadlifts. Periodise them and do not skip any weeks. Not even race week ! Technique can be practiced even on race day morning. Overhead squat as a mobility drill with a broomstick is a good example.
  • Do stuff  what you don’t know yet or haven’t done yet ! New type of stimulus triggers immediate growth. Do not over do this however, cause you can create constant confusion and this will fatigue the nervous system. Kenyan hills, uphill repeats with a ski pole and power-sprints on top, deadlifts and skipping ropes followed by 50m breast stroke. Find your way to mix new skills with your home turf. Something new with something familiar. Yes, even Mo Farah does yoga, some boxing, swimming, kettlebells and stuff.
  • Analyse your sport, work on visual understanding and accept established truths, although question them. Apply the knowledge correctly. If you knew that a bent back deadlift is not okay, then work on it before it is too late. However, when someone is performing Jefferson curls with a barbell, learn the exercise before judging and jumping in to correct it!
  • Same true for running, cycling, boxing, swimming, rock climbing. You must grow in your domain !
  • Learn about your sport, about the history of it, understand and learn from the mistakes and achievements of others ! This is a very important facet. This can lead you on a path of near constant success !
  • Your nutrition, your life, your daily routines are 100% part of your training.
  • 1 mobility session with Jefferson curls, dead-hangs and 5 to 10min of inversion table
  • 5 pushups, 5 squats, 5 deadlifts, 5 downward facing dogs, 5 high bridges, 10sec Russian power-plank

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