Running Speed Secrets – N°1

New series of videos started in order to understand and develop running speed. First we talked about the absolute basics to understand the steps you need to take to be a better runner who can gain and maintain momentum faster and longer with ease. These will be broken down and explained in each lesson, so you can build up training load very gradually. As basics goes, for instance if you had a brutal bunion / hallux-valgus or a completely flat feet, unfortunately without correcting these issues, your future speed gains will be very limited. The same is true for strength training and general human motion. It is a must to learn how to breathe first, just then you start focusing on squatting, dead-lifting, military-presses and so forth. In the meantime, while you are building up your power and movement technique, a selection of exercises should be practiced to enhance and imprint knowledge about running. Skipping rope sessions, calf raises, toe taps and all kind of athletic drills should be in your daily shopping cart. Time is in abundance, if you knew how to use it ! As Tony Robbins says: ” Where focus goes, energy flows ! “

  1. Skill Training
  2. Run speed specific strength and conditioning
  3. Interval Training
  4. “External aid” drills: downhill repeats, fasted runs, skillmill and more


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