INFO Via Ferrata Tende / La Brigue 2017

Tende – Les Comtes Lascaris

This via ferrata is quiet easy and accessible to anybody with its short length and easy approach. Half of the course is not maintained because of a broken landing platform at the end of the second zipline, so it is a lot shorter than most websites stating. You must have a pulley like a Petzl Tandem Cable (Yellow one) . Do not get the Tandem Speed (Grey One), as it is unsafe in most cases as it is told to you by many equipment rental places.
(It is not evident to find the rental place and to pay the entry fee, so we just did not pay. I recommend to get all the french websites updated, as most information are completely old and useless. For an exposed slightly dangerous activity like this, I was surprised that a lot of signposts are still up from 2004 and 2008, WTF ?)

La Brigue – La Ciappea 

Again, there is no info on the internet, that you must actually wait until 9am till the Tourist Office opens, just under the Village Council and that the lady is usually late of 10 to 20minutes. She will give you the keys to the entry of the Via Ferrata ! No rush guys ! You can go “postal”, following the Chemin de Soleil backwards, but it is highly discouraged and I would not recommend it either, as the office will have the latest information on maintenance, security and accessibility on this iron route.
This via ferrata is a lot more challenging, while still being quiet short. You’ll pass most likely 2.5 hours at least on the iron. There is one long zipline and multiple “pont de singe” to cross with many overhanging passages. You need strong hands and forearms. While I don’t like to use gloves, for better grip, feel and security, because of the multiple cable bridge passes and the long zipline (what heats up a lot), I would still recommend to at least have a bike-mitt.


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