Well, this is one of the most scenic races on the Trail slash Sky Running scene. We also discovered the pyrenees the first time, what is a new and savage place to explore. It has a great ambiance, low key, not a lot of hype, great aid stations and tons of fun. I mean I did not run it as a race, but completed together with my wicked wife and this is the most pleasurable thing to me, to pass any length of time with my girl outdoors !  We ate a ton on the course, as local treats are always present and we just had a great great time  !

It is a 42km marathon course, with 11km D+200m of flat start, 11km and D+2300m of climbing to reach the 2 over 3000m summits of Mont Calm and Pic d’Estats, than 10km descent and another 10km of flat rolling hills.

The reason I am writing about this race is not just the thrilling fun that we had, but the epic future of mountain racing. They created the most brutal 100km trail / offtrail event of Europe, coming next year. The ratio of elevation gain and distance will be not for the faint hearted, cause the 100km distance will boast D+11000m of climbing, passing through 4 summits of over 3000metres. The whole posterior chain, achilles tendon, quadriceps and lungs will be busted hard !!!! I am waiting for the registration to be open and will subscribe immediately !!! I already am planning the training for it.


Check the link for more information: