A book about leadership, about discipline, about owning your actions. A book, what everybody should read, to understand the consequences of actions taken. Taken in life, in relationships, in business, in health !

This is not your everyday motivational speech ! 

They used real SEAL military past experiences from Irak, to explain their thoughts. I find that through these war stories, the explanation of crucial obtainable skills comes through very easily. For this reason all employees and employers should read it ! Everybody can find something interesting and useful. One single bad decision or even 1000s of great steps with 1 non-planned future move can cause the death of someone on the battlefield. You do not want to carry this burden, nor do you want to fold your entire company, because of one single person, nor ten. Fire them, change leaders, change employees, re-order positions, demand more or demand less, simplify as much as you can, educate and give out all crucial information and much more.

I worked for many companies and organisations in my life, including Red Cross, Life Saving associations, Event Organisation, Telecommunication, Outdoor Shop, Fitness Centres and this type of Extreme Ownership based leadership exists nearly nowhere. This is why we don’t see growth, but stagnating, downward spirals, rolling uneven performances and totally avoidable evolutionary-traps.

Read this book and take notes: it can be done in a day or two !



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