Some of you might experience upset stomach or diarrhetic issues from coconut oil consumption.
It is mostly coming from light initial sensitivity to it. Also as it has mild antiviral, antibacterial and anti fungal properties, some explain this liquid morning flow effect with several anecdotal stories.
For instance, it is said that coconut oil eliminates fungus and candida and other harmful bacteria. When these pathogens die, they break down and realise toxins, what you must eliminate.
Coconut oil also reacts to present food in your gut, so your morning toilet experience with coco might be effected greatly by last night’s meal.


Here are few tips on getting your morning drink last inside your body, while healing and nourishing you:
1. Crack on some Spirulina capsules before your meal/drink
2. Eat/drink fibre with your coconut oil: coconut flakes, almonds, a half tbsp of psyllium husk
3. Dose gradually, start with half of a coffee spoon and work yourself up to a heaped tbsp
4. Observe yourself and your previous meals in conjunction with coconut oil. You ate chicken and salad for dinner and have no issues ? Great ! You ate rice/avocado/gherkins sushi and have issues ? Check the quality of your rice first of all and think strongly that rice might be not good for you.
5. Think outside the box: maybe coconut oil is just not the right thing for you. You are not missing out on anything if you cannot consume it! It is a nut, you might be allergic to it ! You can put almond butter, tahini, ghee, butter, organic red-palm oil and so many other stuff into your coffee/tea !
6. Try MCT oil or MCT powder to have the keton raising benefits of coconut oil with less or no side-effects !
7. Make sure that it is not the butter or the other oils you use, that causes the gut bomb ! Rancid or bad quality olive oil, pasteurised white cheap butter, aflatoxin and lectin filled peanut butter….
8. Grind your own quality coffee each morning ! Avoid using store bought ground coffee. It is very susceptible to mold ! Also might be chemically altered and mishandled !
9. Add a tiny pinch of pink salt to your coffee. I drink at least half a liter of water each morning. Sometimes I add salts and magnesium. Sometimes a spoonful of AC vinegar !


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