X-Bionic SymFrame – Best Vest

I am not sure what else can I say in addition what I stated in the video, what you can find on youtube. This is the best functional mid-weight rain-proof jacket in the current outdoor market. I am not gonna go over all the models and membranes I tested out in the last 15years.
The SymFrame brings the worlds of Gore-Tex, Event and light-weight together. It means, that it keeps you warmer than a non-insulated Event layer, breathes more than a Pro-Shell but resists as well against abrasion and it is lighter than the high-end models from both textiles with a super competitive price tag.
I am not downgrading those materials, no ! I am just saying that this jacket is made for what it’s made for and nothing comes close to it ! It is not an ice climbing or Himalayan alpinist garment. Not even a super-light extra compact 120g summer ultra running jacket ! No ! It is a multi-functional mid-season, out-door, athletic wear for the fast moving goats, what can be used in dry but cold and windy circumstances too. If it was paired up with a first or even a double layer of x-bionic shirts, you’re going to end up with something un-imaginably unique !

What the X-bionic designers add to this is a superbly proper athletic cut ! It is not too long like, not too short. It has articulated and long arms. It is shaped for the athlete and does not look like a squared potato bag around your trunk. When you check a jacket like this from a certain Canadian brand, we are over 500 bucks ! This is cheaper, made from Italian textile and assembled in Switzerland !

I am 198cm / 6’6″  and 80kg. I am not a lanky basketball guy, but a skinny somewhat muscular mountain runner with long arms. I took a size L and it fits me well like a charm !

Of course I tested out the jacket in many tough situations. No questions about it. The most important one was the ELS 2900 event. Just look it up on youtube ! It is going to blow your mind, what is possible to do in a race, if it was organised by super passionate mountaineers !

You needed light jacket for real adventures ? This can be it. It is not only to fill in the need of a water-proof obligatory jacket as race equipment. It is really a jacket to use ! When rains, hails and snows and you still want to be out and hammer the miles and the vertical meters, the SymFrame will not disappoint.

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