My understanding of depression !

I am not a doctor. This is not a medical advice. I worked with a couple of athletes with problems of depression and read many books and case studies about it and still continue to do so. This is not my area of expertise, I am a coach and an athlete. However I have the free word to talk and to express myself.

90% of all people, trying to avoid most facets of this mental state, what could be the cause of depression and choose to use the easiest way to treat it, what is medication. I said people, because that includes parents, doctors, friends or the patient himself.

I do not separate here children’s or adult onset depression. However, I do draw a line, between “mental” and “lifestyle and environmental” depression.

Mental depression can be caused by an event. Something what we have seen happening once or over and over again. I had a superb volleyball coach who lost his whole family in a train accident, for instance. Despite, that he was in a very deep depressive state for years, it is not clinical depression, but an unbearable sadness. If his situation was abused with bad lifestyle factors, of course it could have turned into a clinical depression, but this is a subject of the second part.

I more likely talk about happenings what are un-understood and get blocked in the back of the mind. A young-hood rape, child abuse, seeing somebody killed and so. Even an inappropriate film for a kid can trigger these mental blockages. These are thoughts, memories and emotions, what are stocked in the back of the mind and until they are not understood, freed-up and accepted, a constant or periodic depressive behaviour or situational frustration is experienced. The most important is to understand, that if we have an issue like this, this is human evolution and human nature. Our brain tries to protect us until we are, we can say “developed enough” to comprehend what happened.
The issue is that 99% of the times, “mentally” depressive patients are not aware of their situation and it is never treated or mis-treated by a horse-blind wearing “doctor”.

If a patient with mental depression realises, what his or her problem is, finally it can be treated. This can happen rarely but can happen on her own. Usually though, with the help of a friend, family member or a cross-practitioner. I mean a doctor or therapist from another area of expertise, who can refer you to somebody.

In our hypothesis this patient is 100% healthy with no abnormal lifestyle factors and no nutritional deficiencies. There are so many ways to calm the mind and open up thoughts and memories, but practitioners do not consult with each other and putting “snake-oil seller” stamps on the wide knowledge-base, what could be accumulated and used in conjunction with each other.

So mental depression is all about memories, brain, mind, soul, emotions, history and nothing to do with actual physical impact. I mean impact like traumatic injury and impact of lifestyle choices.
There is an order of tasks, what must be practiced carefully and therapeutic practitioners should be communicating with each other to determine this order. It can be very dangerous to free up these attitude changing, profoundly embed memories, then not be able to be coping them. Overwhelming a patient with the amount and the depth of these emotions can send the patient into shock, coma or even deeper depressive state resulting in suicide or a violent act against someone else.

The how to or the how it should be

Definitely a specialised knowledgable psychologist is needed, who can mentally prepare a patient for what is coming. A hypnotherapist then can slowly free up these memories. Sometimes when past happenings are blocked in the mind, real physical and electrical changes can happen. We talk about measurable brain activity differences. Transcranial brain stimulation, acoustic sound wave therapy, vibration and electro-stimulation can help too. There are breathing methods and sensory deprivation chambers what can be used with high dose of magnesium and strategic dose of CDB and THC to lead a patient into the desired state. It can be maybe mixed up with fasting and a ketogenic state too. Nutritional ketosis is used to threat epileptic patients, because it has a very positive effect on the brain ! Those immersion tanks are used now with meditation techniques to be able put the brain into a state of high presence, focus, strength and fortitude.
(I am not gonna get into transcendental meditation, ayahuasca ceremonies, lsd, kretum and magic mushrooms. Some of these altered state exercises, if used in a controlled environment could be very beneficial for further adult brain development. Reportedly, many entrepreneurs, athletes and high achievers benefit from one single journey to the other side. Why am I talking about this ? Cause one single altered state experience can have a very positive, profound and immediate effect on the way you think, behave and handle emotions, situations and stress. It is not studied at all, but if it has an effect on the brain, then it can be surely applied for other than lifestyle and recreational use !!!)

What I am trying to say here, that there is no cross-referencing in-between these areas of expertise. There could be centers what should build up a strategic treatment ladder with zero medications. They could use these new and old methods of soothing the brain and the mental state into an optimal zone. It would take some time, till researches and studies done, but this should have been started like 50 years ago. Mushrooms, LSD and Marijuana was already used at that time. No do not start ordering on the internet, there are many studies showing that regular abuse of these substances in a non-controlled environment, actually can be the cause of depression, schizophrenia and a host of other diseases. I am talking about studied doses and applications with medical supervision.  

Lifestyle and environmental depression

This is also one greatly misunderstood with lot of possible factors neglected. Doctors say, you look great, you are healthy, it must be genetic so. Take a medication. Then they go out for a smoke.

This sort of depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the body and the brain. We don’t really care that it is life-style or environmental, known or unknown. It is caused and can be immediately treated and seized by the removal of the causation.

People don’t understand the possible health implications of lifestyle choices. They don’t know that genetic dispositions react to how and where we live. Some people smoke a pack a day and live to perfect health to 120, but others get depression or lung cancer. Most people’s conclusion is, it cannot be therefore the cigarette what is causing the depression, because that other person smokes more than me and he is in perfect health. Well, this might be not the cause of your depression, but if we don’t remove the obvious at first hand we will never find out the other possibilities. It is your choice though ! Your first step towards healing might be, getting the help of a holistic practitioner, who can point out the trees in your forest. Who can show you that the plain white sugar, the nightly beer, the bt-headphones, the phone in your pocket and the 3 litres of lotion you put on each day are not really okay ! Nothing happened ? You continue. You are not spending 1 single hour on the sunshine weekly and you drink only half a litre of water a day ? There is an issue there ! You might have toxic mold accumulating under your sink, putting your whole family at health risk or the neighbour leaves his wifi router turned on for the night on the other side of your bedroom. You drink two espresso a day from the cheapest coffee capsules and the AC is blowing that bad quality bacteria filled air on you all day long at your workplace. You have bedbugs, bed-mites and dust-mites in your bed and carpet. You over use toilette spray, perfumes and car deodorizers.

Yes nutrition, hydration and sleep are the basics, but all facets must be considered. Even your clothes. You are in contact with them all day long. If they were cheap and bad quality and extracting fumes, loosing colour from them, you absorb those, but also the washing detergents used. Dental fillings and the removal of those fillings can also make heavy metals accumulating in your brain and body.

A 5000 thousand page book would be not enough to accumulate here the possible causes of the chemical imbalance in your brain. This is why most practitioners abandon after a while and revert to the very first choice of doctors. Medications.
There are also the usual statements:

– You don’t understand me at all. My depression is caused by my husband, who is cheating on me with a younger woman and has nothing to do with my lifestyle or environment !!! Guess what, if your body is fully charged with all what is needed to handle stress and not exposed to negative environmental factors, you would act differently and experience this situation on a completely different way ! 

This doesn’t mean that you have no clinical depression. No, not at all. You are not crazy, neither weak ! No ! You might be the most successful business woman on the planet with 5 diplomas, however your basic understanding of health and the width of your knowledge about possible options causing your depression is not enough.

You are depressed and have a chemical imbalance ! You have to understand the possible causation of your depression and the triggers to it ! Some people might be taking in some magnesium and vitamin D and good to go. Others might be totally out of whack and 1-2-3 or more years of body recalibration needed.

In my honest opinion, the very first step about this kind of depression is understanding. Understanding, that it is not our genetic fault. The answer to this depression is in our lifestyle choices and in our environments. That might be the food we eat or the 2 hours we spend in the traffic-fumes for work-commute. Once we acknowledged that, hmm, our way of living has a crucial effect on our mental state, then we can start looking for answers. Some of us might be more social than others. Instead of internet research we might need somebody to show us the options. A nutritionist, a mold expert, a heavy metal specialist, a blood work, a hygenist. Maybe a blocked nerve or spinal disk is decreasing the blood flow to a certain organ, therefore the detoxifying is incomplete. A posturologist, a podiatrist, physiotherapist, kiropracteur or osteopath can help. Blood flow to the brain can be manipulated by jaw realignement.

You see, there are so many options to consider before turning into medication and even more factors to think about when coming off from it ! However, in my opinion, us humans are superbly strong and if we worked together and helped each other, depression could be trully solved without ruining the life and the health of the individual !


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