BLOG: UTBA and future races

Hard hard hard. These are the 3 words what can describe the beginning of this season. I am not training yet as a runner, more likely a cyclist and I need a lot more impact resistance and downhill strength. My strength like non technical dousch-grade downhill running is still there and the thing what I gained from cycling is uphill power. I am able to power up with short and fast strides on any hill, with no fatigue, no cramp and no stopping. I achieved many PRs during this two days of ordeal on the climbing sections, so I am still quiet happy with the results. I finished 13th place overall if I counted well. For you who don’t know this was a 25km race Saturday and a 79km race Sunday. I held back very much on the first day. I mean I held back a lot, was just jogging around to finish around 2:25, instead of following my heart to a sub to 10. It was an easy effort to preserve my body. Well it did not preserve. Despite the easy running my legs got destroyed already after the vey first day. What can I do ? I got into the ice cold water, infra red lamped my achilles tendons, went for a 45min easy spin, massaged my quads ate some protein and went to sleep.

Early morning I ate some traditional basmati rice, well I state traditional, cause it was real basmati an ancient variety. With olives. I used honey gels and dried coconut water as fuel and all went well. I controlled myself, I was grinning because of the pain and I was controlling my breathing, all just to avoid crying. No, it was not that dramatic actually. I was running every section possible and climbing hard. No zombi walking. The problem came from the fact that I was actually jogging around even on very runnable terrain. Normally when technicality goes down, on the UTBA course we can rung easily 4:30 to 5min pace, or faster if we went for the win. Well, I think I was jogging at 6 to 6:15pace most of the time, except the last 5km what I really hammered and was running it all in !

The season is started. I need to loose around 6kg of muscle. I am dry, but the cycling, sprint training and the protein rich diet thickened me up. Now I am gonna keep the endurance up with some speed, keep 1 weight session a week and will have one run based strength set. Cycling is my job, so I cannot do anything with it, got to work. I ride as a messenger, I ride to train clients, I ride to buy food, and a I ride for fun too. Ride or die !

The season is continuing with a 24h fun race in 2 weeks and some easy and short 10 to 15km races for a month, to get back speed. Then next objective is Trail de Cipieres where I would like to run, just under 7:30. I think it is possible to go under 7hours, bu must be running very hard for that.

Off I go !!!

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