Tor Des Geants W1 – April 16th to 22nd

The training starts the day after the UTBA Defy 25+80km race on the 16th of April. This early. The season has to be built up, it must be slowly developed and the volume, frequency and intensity should be very gradually increased. Altitude training must be included and increased and some sleep deprivation must be practiced.

Every single week, you’ll see here the recap of each last seven days with strava links. The goals of the sessions and the results with a few words. This is not going to be a plan to follow, steal, or re use. Each of us is different and very unique and training plans should be 100% individualised ! The only thing I will not include here is my second-shift work. As a coach I drive around and create online training programs, but once or twice a week I do bike-delivery work, what adds 20 to 35hours of easy to moderate cycling a week. Every week ! This must be accounted !


16th Monday

17th Tuesday
Easy MTB Ride

18th Wednesday
10x Diagonals – floating by, focusing on getting the cadence high

19th Thursday
Focused: 45min trail run with 20min moderate effort in the middle, breathing hard through the nose

20th Friday
4h 65km bike ride with D+1000m – very easy

21st Saturday
3h 60km bike ride with D+1000m – very easy

22nd Sunday
3,5h 70km bike ride D+1000m – Col de la Madone – from the back

12h 40min Total Training 
12km Running
228km Cycling
(42h of BikeWork)



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