Tor Des Geants W2 – April 23rd to 29nd

What is Tor des Geants ? It is an epic 330km long foot race in the Aosta valley in Europe. It goes over many spots of 2500metres with a total elevation gain of 24000 meters. I have been selected to participate and to take my knowledge and challenge it. The trail will follow a well marked route, but since it is long race, we must be prepared to navigate. The first few guys will finish around 70hours while the rest of the field will take from 3,5 to 7days to Finnish or abandon. It is from the 9th to the 16th of September so, it will give me a good couple of months to prepare. I don’t feel like that it is going to be a physical challenge. For that part and the mental part I am already ready. However, there are environmental factors to consider. I am coming from winter now, so I am adapted to cold. That time it will be summer, so I must readapt to cold, to be able to support the evening freezing temperatures. Altitude is also an enormous hazard. All of the race will be ran at 1500m or over, but mostly over 2000m. I need to go and spend time as often and as much at altitude as possible. Physically I ride, I mountain bike, I speedhike with poles and a heavy back pack and I trail run and road run. I do my strength training at home with kettlebells and pull up bar so that is done too. This is why I say that I am not afraid of the hardship at all.


Monday 23rd
1h 10km D+500 => 25min uphill tempo Z4 Threshold 162bpm

Tuesday 24th

Wednesday 25th
6,5h private orienteering event with 10kg obligatory backpack, 25km D+1800m
No GPS or Phone allowed. Compass/MAP/Altimeter.
Epic experience and great team.

Thursday 26th
Legs are smoked from 500km of constant driving and from yesterdays big day in the hills of Mende. No training, no yoga, nothing. 2hours of afternoon sleep and 9hours of night sleep. Recovery !

Friday 27th
7am wake up, ready to train ! Legs are shot and a I have serious tendon fatigue, you know, it feels like you got lactic acid in all your muscles and gives you a burn at each little movement. Especially glut-med and on the external side of the tibia around the fibularis longus. Not sure how these muscles got so fatigued. Never felt it before. Probably running and hiking hard with the 10kg plus pack has to do something with it.

Saturday 29th
Took it easy with 10 x 30sec uphill work. That is part of a segment what I am working on to break.

Sunday 30th
2 hours easy hiking with wife, testing out the Garmin ForeTrex 601
49min easy with wife under the rain


4h 11min Total Training
44km Running
0km Cycling
(17h of BikeWork)

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