Tor Des Geants W3 – April 30th to May 6th

Still a week where the focus is on building up regularity despite the fatigue accumulated. I have been working a lot on the bike and a little less on the computer, so the legs are getting a good hammering. I am also very consistent with tissue work and flexibility, but sometimes I need a break from that too. So after two weeks of pause I slowly restarted my morning yoga routine mixed with foam rolling. It takes just 15 to 20minutes each morning and makes me feel like thousand bucks !
From Sunday evening I included a 20hour fasting period till 4 at the afternoon. This is just epic to cleanse up your cells. I include a lot of intermittent fasting into my lifestyle as stopping eating is the best and basically the only way to give your body a pause to heal and cleanse ! If you needed information about this, just drop me a mail, as the periodisation of this is very difficult and important in an athletes life. Most people think about intermittent or 24 / 48hour fasting as something what makes you weak for a couple of days and makes you thin and fragile. No ! It makes you a beast, prepares your stomach for future endeavours, like the TOR and diminishes whole body inflammation and gets on with total healing !

There is also a 24h raid event this weekend, what we will be conquering as a fun run with friends. Raid de dentelles.


Monday 30th
Track workout with moderate speed to get the legs moving. I felt light, but as I was still pretty much fasted, I did not want to tighten it up too much. I ran like 3:20 pace for the short ones and around 3:45/km pace for the long ones. I also spend the whole morning in the traffic visiting clients and the dentist.
Then finished the day with a hard 4hour courier shift.


Tuesday 1st
Another hard day. A lot of computer work in the morning, some easy jogging with the wife and a double bike shift of 8hours under light rain. Mental preparation !

Wednesday 2nd
Woke up pretty much smoked as last night’s bike shift was going mad. Basically I finished at half past ten with shaking legs of 0 glycogen. Refuelled with a small protein shake and ate a big bowl of manioca coucous with raisins and rockets.
Finally did not do anything. I felt like empty all day, despite of eating a lot and I mean a lot. I digested everything in seconds and felt still empty. So I did not go to run, but went for a 2hours afternoon sleep. I did not do much I mean I still worked a lot on from home and went for a 6hour bike-shift, so got in some pretty significant exercise still.

Thursday 3rd
Woke up late, very hungry. Went for that coffee straight away. Stretched out and jogged out to get some meat for breakfast. 10 minutes with 15minutes of mobility and the steak was already roasting, yes for breakfast ! Why ? Because I had a hard day yesterday and will have a hard day today !
I use recently strava a lot to analyse my training. I find it a bit low on data, like seeing max heart rate for run-splits is missing, but even for the regular HR the “AVG” should be marked at least !

Decided that I use a small segment for a training run and it went pretty as I wanted. Broke the segment KOM and added another hard 13minutes to the effort, finishing off with 18 + 13minutes moderate/hard on technical terrain !

Friday 4th
Travel to the Luberon, what is an epic epic place. Not really high mountain, but with it’s perched villages, lavender fields, climbing places and the Colorado of France, it is a must to visit. The “Falaises de Buoux” is also an amazin valley where hikers, climbers and nature lovers gather to enjoy the beauty. Calm Calm Calm Zen Zen Zen !


Saturday 5th
Preparation early morning after a short night’s sleep for our journey to the most excellent times ever. Fatigue, doubt and a lot of smiling will company us on our journey. Heh, nothing dramatic like this, but I find it great to be able to spend 24h easily in the mountains with friends. This is fitness, mental fortitude and willpower !
Yes, we decided to jump into a race called 24h Raid de Dentelles, where teams of 3 spend the day, well the entire day together to complete mountain bike, orienteering, swim-run, kayak, hike orienteering, mountain bike orienteering courses together.

Sunday 6th
Finished completely smoked and spent.  2nd to last place, what was our goal. Had fun, enjoyed a lot and was laughing a lot. Met some long not seen friends too. Around 30 groups were eliminated, so basically we finished quiet well. The thing is, that we did not know anything about adventure racing, before hand. I spent 2 x 30minutes on a mountain bike on very easy cross country terrain and now I got dropped into a race where MTB is the main event and we rolled at least 15hours on f……g technical shit ! Orienteering is not hard, but needs practice. Choosing which points to search and which not to is also an art and tactic. All the groups finished together at the end, but the penalties what decided the placing. We arrived just after the very first group for instance. But they had only 5hours of penalties, while us, well I thing 25hours or something like this. They completed 199kms, we did complete around 145 ! Bushwhacking in the rose-forest and getting scrapped by various sharp thorns for 24ours !

20h 59min Total Training
31.8km Running
120km Cycling (MTB)
(33h of BikeWork)




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