Tor Des Geants W4 – May 7th to 13th

This weeks goal is to recover and gain back some speed, by running short, intense and do as many accelerations as I can. I have no pain and no injuries, but I must take care of my achilles tendon as there is a lump on it. Probably some light calcification. The thing is that I have no pain at all, nowhere, not while riding, not while running or doing any kind of mobility or strength training. I still have to take care of it as it can cause some issues later on down the line.


Monday 7th

Woke up with zero soreness, but fresh muscles. However the lymphatic system and of course my head, because of the lack of sleep, travel and loads of cheap sugar, they are a bit smoked ! No worries, gonna get them back in a couple of days 😀 Feeling great and looking forward to the upcoming season. Now, infrared light and colloidal silver nebulising !

Had a small run by feel, nothing special, just 5km easy uptempo.

Tuesday 8th

Another day, when feel like smoked. The morning coffee was great though, then some stomach stuff came on, probably still from the weekend’s ordeal, but went away after half an hour. 30minutes of yoga, pilates, breathing and some infrared therapy for my achilles tendons, then woodoo flossing the mid calves. Goal of the day is maybe some MAF intervals up on the Tanneron, then another enormous workday ahead. Also subscribed for 3 vertical races to keep the juices going, but to not to tap too much into the system. I am not going to do any 20 to 30km stuff at this moment. Just keep going with long training days and include some shorter race efforts !

Wednesday 9th

Feeling great, drank the fatty coffee and planning to go on a quality MAF run. Goal is 8 x 1km on MAF on a preplanned segment section. I have small goals actually, on breaking segment records, what is very much motivating and also very efficient way to train. I do an all out effort on a segment, then depending on how I performed, I am choosing parts of the segments to train on and practice on and I also check the splits of sections of segments to understand what I have to do to break the segment. I of course being a technical runner, choose mostly rocky and mountainous segments with loads of turns and twists, significant elevation gain and loss. Like this, on segments, I can really stack up against anybody in the world. I am not going to run up on a 5% grade fire road on 3:30/km pace. However, when sections of hiking, boulder hoping, or 30% downhill scree slopes included, I am up there. I work with my potential.
Depending on the difficulty and the length, I might repeat an all out effort every 2 weeks. I prefer segments of 1 to 10km of distance.

Thursday 10th

Woke up craving protein and a juicy steak. In the last 3 weeks I ate like 2 cans of sardines and one pork chop, so my body is probably wanting some protein and high quality fat. Interestingly it doesn’t crave coconut oil and whey protein ! I used to be a vegan and I understand the animal cruelty factors, environmental pollution and all negatives caused by meat industry. I also understand that you vote with your money, so people who eat meat every day actually fuel the factory farming. I treat meat as a superfood, to boost and rejuvenate the body. It is like medicine. Eat it once in a while, then forget it. I use it to recover, I use it to supercharge the body with certain nutrients, I eat meat to be a better, more efficient and more productive stable human. If I did it every day, this would turn totally counter intuitive. Like charred carbohydrates in roasted or fried potatoes, the charred proteins and fats, should be handled carefully. Of course we can steam, boil or stir-fry meat in veggies to eliminate that problem. If we lived normally a vegan diet is totally sustainable, but for athletic performance, some meat consumption is necessary. Dairy as it is, is not a staple for me. I use it strategically to rebuild my gut-flora after hard races. That means maybe 2 bottles of kefir and a slice of aged fermented raw cheese, that is it ! Maybe 4 – 5 times a year. I have no problems digesting it, but it is not part of my daily life.

2 easy recovery fun sessions with wife, just enjoyed:

Friday 11th

Found some new interesting business opportunities, so spent the entire morning on the net. No running today either. I am gonna spend the entire day on the bike, as yesterday was a total bum day. I nearly totally repaired my bike. I am going to finish it now, but did not work at all, so I have to go and make some money today.
My bike just crapped itself today again. I jammed the chain behind the cassette, pfff. Took and hou to get it out as I had no tool with me. Bike repair is sometimes shooting an arrow in the air. You know that you did everything right, you double checked, you know that all is perfect. However, you don’t f…..g understand why doesn’t it work ! New cassette, new chain, I cleaned the jockey-wheels, readjusted cable tension, readjusted the tensioning screw against the derailleur hanger, properly adjusted the high and low limit bolt, added extra lubrifiant. Still, it just cannot pick up the chain on the second cog and the chain doesn’t descend from the 28 down to the next under. I will give it a couple of days to wear-in the chain, then restart the procedure.

Saturday 12th

Drank an enormous glass of magnesium water last night and supercharged my vaporisateur with lavender oil. I slept only 7hours, but like a baby. Now preparing for the Vertical-Km race in Menton. 4,5km with 1200m of elevation gain. Light yoga, foam rolling, coffee and off we go. It starts at the afternoon, so I am going to be quiet empty. I will be eating a honey/almond bar before and will take a gel during and before. Salted honey packets ! I absolutely a big fan of Meltonic.
Gear: Altra shoes and Leki Speed Carbon Poles 

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I find the shoes and poles a bit on the heavy side for real fast movements. I would prefer a lighter shoe, something around 150grams what is like half the weight of the, Altras and maybe an even lighter pole. It is around 150grams for one side and now we can find even lighter ones in 140cm.


Sunday 13th

No fatigue, with little bit of grogginess in the lungs. Probably I froze them slightly with the Innocent smoothie I drank after the effort. We decided to go it for that jog what we planned with the wife. Got lost of course in the bushes and scrapped by the rose thorns. Either we had fun and enjoyed the day a lot !

10hours Total Training 
75km Running
0km Cycling
(29,5h of BikeWork)

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