Tor Des Geants W5 – May 14th to 20th

“Sorry, but I can give only my best !”

This week’s goal is to keep on the continuity of training and go for two high intensity sessions. One uphill one of 4km and one flat one of 10km. As I am preparing for a 65km race at this moment, longer sets are more suitable for that. Tempo runs, long runs, rolling hills and some elevation gain. The messenger work is still giving me enormous benefits in case of leg strength and endurance. I had 2 days last week when I was riding over seven hours.
As next weekend I am going race another Vertical K, I will eat at least 2 beetroot a day and if tomorrow I can, I will by 3-4kg beetroots to juice them. I feel that if drank consistently, with ginger and nettle, it raises really the Nitro ! In addition to that I love it ! 2 big beetroots, 1 apple, 1 huge chunk of ginger, 1 lemon, 15 stinging nettle leaves or plantain and cleavers. I might even juice out some pine needles, as they are epic for health too !


Monday 14th

Felt still a bit off in case of lungs. I nebulised soda bicarb with magnesium. Tomorrow will do the same with colloidal silver. Did some light mobility and went to work. I am gonna run tonight when back from the evening bikeshift. Went out for a small stroll with 9minutes of easy tempo. Enjoyed every moment of it !

Tuesday 15th

Not so bad this morning as I finished work at 9pm instead of 10. I start doing slowly but surely double days so I downloaded some audiobooks for my VFF runs. Yes I run a lot with the five-fingers. I jog around, really focusing on breathing, form and forefoot stride. I do not add any intensity to it though. I keep my heart rates very low, cadence very high and land very smoothly. I have been wearing zero drop lifestyle shoes exclusively for 10 years and now for almost 2 years I have been running near-exclusively in zero drop shoes. I however just cannot seam to totally adapt to VFFs and Vivos. It is always a shock to the system, regardless that I do it at least 3 times every single week. It is because of feet muscle use, flexibility and feet mobility. I can walk and hike in them as I wanted, but running is a different ball game.

Finally I cracked the segment I have been analysing for a while. I did not look at my watch and I thought that I will be around 5 seconds faster, but finally I had 48 seconds to spare.  Training is paying off, but now I am going to have 3 days of quality rest, before hitting the VK at the weekend.

These books I got are epic and highly recommend them to you:
Sapiens – Yuval Harari
Tribe – Sebastien Junger
Hero with a thousand faces – Joseph Campbell
River out of eden – Richard Dawkins

Wednesday 16th

No running today. I give my enormous coffee a big respect with double eggs, double butter and double coconut oil. In my next blog I am gonna give you the recipe.
Then yoga and 11hours of constant messenger work.
I also just got the news from Corsica, that it re-snowed so probably the GR20 record attempt will be delayed. Record for me of course ! I will go for the non-stop overall record, but not yet and not now ! I would like to hike it at least 5 times before I do that. This is a trail where I think the fitness is important, but the knowledge of what is coming for you and what you can expect is first. Then choosing the correct temperatures and weather window ! There is a famous FKT style french runner who is going for the overall Mercantour record too ! I am gonna go after him to see what I can do in the first year !

Thursday 17th

Sufferfest in work yesterday. I had my legs shot, but kept on pedalling. Finished off with 9,5hours of cycling. This Cannes film festival was a brute. Still a couple of days of craziness left and next week I must get on with some important paperwork as it is piling up. Todays goal is a small run session midday, followed by 2 to 3 hours of easy cycling.

Finally, I just went over the hills of Cannes riding only 1h15minutes for 100% pleasure. I was enjoying so much to ride over any hill very easily. My current fitness is getting there were I’d like it to be !

Friday 18th

I got up a bit earlier to do some MTB practice as I am really bad at it ! I am not afraid, I am just not confident and I don’t really understand yet all the behaviours and actions of the bike. I have been watching constantly other riders ‘live’ and online to learn and comprehend actions and reactions ! Cross country riding, fitness and steepness of uphills is not an issue. However downhill sections, little jumps, sharp cornering need more time ! In mountain biking, you can never be sure in the action of your bike, but you must 100% sure in your own actions. You go down a small boulder and you slip on a dislodging rock, there should be no panicking and looking around the shortest way to hit the ground or to take your feet off the pedals, but balancing, counter-steering, breaking actions, wheel displacement and so should be done ! I really love this process of learning something from the very beginning and advancing clearly forward with big leaps !

Saturday 19th

VK of Belveder. 4km with a bit more than 1000m of elevation gain in 55:54. That is a 7min race improvement since the last weekend. If all true, I went over the 1000m mark at 53:51, what means if last week’s race was really a 1000m, I gained nearly 10minutes. Full race review is coming soon.

Sunday 20th

We slept in the car, crunched up. I mean really squeezed. I now took out the back seats as we don’t use them, in case it will happen again. Mostly we like to arrive to some nice place and hike away a couple of minutes from the car, but we were not prepared to do that. I am smoked, but I got a small 1,5h nap this afternoon and big night sleep this evening for sure ! After work of course !

We ran with a small group during a green festival in Levens. There were sheep, goats, archers, hunters, soil associations and of course the local bakeries and sausage makers.

8h53min Total Training 
53.4km Running
39.4km Cycling
(33h of BikeWork)

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