Tor Des Geants W6 – May 21st to 27th


Monday 21st

Easy 11km road run to spin the legs a little. 35min on MAF midrange at 4:17/km pace.

Tuesday 22nd

After the hard day at work, basically under the rain all day long, I just wanted to eat and go to the bed. I ran for 2km till the local organic shop, bought some butter and veggies and walked home to freshen my head.

Wednesday 23rd

Another hard day in work, but getting the hang of it. Early morning I went out for a hard downhill run to give a good hammering to all my joints. What an excellent way to increase body awareness. You just not focusing on posture for a single second and you got pain. Intra abdominal pressure and breathing to protect the spine, high cadence forefoot strike to save the ankles, knees and hips and nicely pumping arms to pull the body into the correct motion. I repeat and revisit this run at least once every 10 days to keep my muscles sharp and resistant ! I use sometimes a dirt track sometimes half road half trail !

Thursday 24th

Fresh like a daisy. It feels way different to go to bed well before 22pm. Not like I haven’t known this for like 2 decades. I feel refreshed with no issues waking up. I really prefer this sensation, but I need time to wake up and need time to eat and digest, so as training goes, managing work and training hours is quiet difficult. Next week I will charge up my volume a little bit and will need more time, so I will squeeze work in to the evenings, like 5 to 10pm. This will allow me a full day nearly to train, rest and recover. Slept hours are elevated, but not ideal. Sleeping 23 to 8am is 9hours, but I feel better sleeping only 7 hours if it was 21 to 4am ! However after I woke up at 9, I can be totally ready and functional to train 4-5 hours every single day, have a big afternoon nap and do my messenger work at the evening.

Friday 25th

Easy 30min run with 22min MAF on 4:02/km – getting better and better at it.

Saturday 26th

Trail de Rimplas

Hard, hard run. Focused constant very regular uphill to start out. Unfortunately I forgot my HR belt and I did not put the optical HR tight enough, so I cannot really analyse that data, but I can tell you, I was mentally really present all the way up. 9:31/km pace for the D+1500m climb. Not bad at all ! I am very happy about my constantly improving climbing ability. It means I am working smartly to improve and to get better at this steep discipline !

Unfortunately, instead of putting down the hammer and blazing home on the downhill, I got into a giant fall. I really felt on my ribcage, gasping for air for like 30seconds with nothing entering or getting out from my lungs. I was not sure that I had a shock to my thorax or having a heart attack, but got scared for a moment. Once got the air back flowing I jumped up and started running like a madman to catch up with the two guys passing me during the fall. Unfortunately I had to slow down drastically as each jump or longer step just stopped me from breathing I mean literally, the pain just blocked my breathing. This stress got released a bit towards the end when I could ride a bit harder, finishing 8th place  at 2:30.

Sunday 27th

Probably have a broken rib with a fractured wrist. Have to get into a serious recovery routine, If I want to race the first big race of the season, the Trail de Cipieres 65km ultra. I will be running I think mostly on roads as any sharp turns, sudden movements, jumps, shock, just give me pain. Natural flat running motion doesn’t disturb me. You can imagine, I tested my abilities during Sunday. We went out for a short hike to recover. The first couple of steps uphill were agonising, as deep breathing really aggravates my pain. However after about 2hours into the hike, I forgot about it.

The most problems I have now is with small moves. Getting out from the sleeping bag ad out from the tent. Turning, pushing against the ground and so. I cannot really do it without pain. My right arm is useless because of the rib, my left hand because of the wrist.

8h32min Total Training 
67km Running
0km Cycling
(30h of BikeWork)

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