Clay – Runner’s Cure !

Why ? It is so freckin’ cheap and so madly efficient that every body should use it in athletic communities. You can do night long cataplasms for joint pain, bruises, fractures, ligament, tendon or muscular problems. You can cover your chest and throat for a couple of hours to get rid of colds, influenza or chest infections. You can in the meantime apply a little bit on your face to be nicer, younger and more smart looking ! Cuts, saddle sores, spots, bumps, insect bites ? Clay it ! KAboom ! 10bucks for 3kg high quality and pure Montmorolite green  clay ! You can ingest it for so called metal detoxification, but it sooths your stomach and helps with bowel movements so despite the wowooo heavy metal detox subject, it works. Not a coincidence that the medical aid Smecta has white clay in it and all mammals in nature ingest clay too ! Yes you can use time to time the Kaolin white clay too !

  • Advice 1: It is being said that clay interacts with metal. Do not use spoons, but plastic scoops or wooden tools ! 
  • Advice 2: Keep it in your bathroom, closed, together with a mixing bowl. Like this the use will be constant, regular and you won’t forget about it. Building habits baby ! Read the book: “Power of habit – Charles Duhigg” ! If it was front of your eyes and catches your attention every single morning, your gonna use it. If you stash it behind your kitchen tools and spices, maybe it will come to your help only once a year ! 


Joints, Muscles, Tendons, Bone

In these cases, I like to apply a sticky but non gooey cataplasme, what can be applied and then removed after a night of wear.

2 scoopes of clay, half scoop of very fine ground flax and mustard seeds. Little amount of manuka honey, 1 but max 2 drops of Helichrysum. Add a pinch of curcuma and curcumin powder. Pinch of salt, pinch of nigari or other sources of magnesium and half a teaspoon of eggshell powder ! Your most important ingredient will be comfrey ! Yes ! You can buy the chopped roots, ground it up your self and add the powder to your mixture. One tea spoon of ground powder will do the job already. However if you knew how herbs work, you understand the their healing potential is sometimes 1000 fold multiplied when alcohol, oil or CO2 extracted ! This is why for instance a couple of drops of comfrey essential oil will do a finer job on you ! You can do your own comfrey “extract slash oil” too if wanted to ! Find and harvest the 60% leaves and the 40% roots of the discovered comfrey ! 6 to 4 ratio is ok ! Chop them up with a wooden knife or just break them to pieces for a 2 day dry ! Then add all of them to extra virgin 2dl of extra virgin, organic olive oil. Keep it on room temperature in the shade, but put it on the direct sun for 1 or 2 hours daily. Add a teaspoon of this oil to your mixture.

So once your clay melange is ready, add little amount of boiling water water to it until it becomes a thick but workable texture. It should be like almond paste. I often make a 3-4mm centimetre thick 15cm by 15cm large flap, what can totally cover a full ankle joint inside out.
You can use a celofan film to seal it for the entire night, but I prefer just slice of paper and a joint support like a textile ankle or knee brace, it will breathe better. You can keep for the day too if needed !
I am not sure about the transdermal absorption rate of glucosamine and chondroitin, but you can buy quality powders for cheap and try them in your joint cataplasms.

Sunburns, insect bites, rashes, plant allergies, histamin breakouts

2 scoops of clay, one single drop of eucalyptus, peppermint and teatree essential oil ! Off you go ! Mix it with small amount of cold water. Apply it for 15 to 30minutes, wash it off.

Colds, flue, chest infection

3 to 4 scoops of clay, a small spoon of organic mustard, big pinch of cinnamon and ginger powder, 1 drop of peppermint, 1 drop of black pepper and 1 drop of lavande essential oil, small spoon of manuka honey ! Add hot water till it is liquid enough to apply to your entire chest and throat. Lay there for an hour, have a contrast shower, then do the same for your entire back !


2 scoops of white or green clay. Pinch of magnesium and salt. Depending what you want from the mask, you can add essential oils. Disinfecting: Tea Tree and oil of oregano. Refreshing: peppermint, ginger, black pepper, eucalyptus. Calming: camomille and lavande.

Warning: Essential oils are awesomely powerful. More is not better, but on the contrary. Small but more often ! If you used multiple essential oils, do not freckin’ add 10 drops of different oils to your face mask. Your gonna be smoked, maybe even burnt  ! Add the 10 drops of essential oils to 1 to 2dl of non rancid carrying oil like almond, cold pressed sunflower, olive oil, maybe pumpkin seed oil. Dose it out afterwards !
Some essential oils also can be ingested or used internally in the mouth. Be careful and obtain knowledge before you do it !
For instance, a couple of times a week I massage my gums with tea tree oil !


Easy. 1 scoop of green clay mixed with a glass of water. Drink it, sleep on it, crap in the morning. Fine clay has an enormous surface like coconut shell charcoal. Therefor it is epic for detoxifying and calming the stomach after food poisoning, yes even during races. I always have a small tube of green clay and a small tube of charcoal in my drop bag ! It can make the difference between, finishing and abandoning your pursuit !

For the same reason, there is no point to take it close to anything like medications or supplements. It will diminish the effects totally !

As a tootpaste

3 scoops of clay, half a spoon of fine baking soda and half spoon of curcuma. Have an oil pulling practice with cold pressed organic coconut oil for 10minutes, just before your clay tooth cleanse. Wash your teeth once every other day with the clay mix, with a very soft tooth brush. 3 minutes, Rinse ! Easy !


I described as usual, maybe complicated and unattainable recipes, what might be confusing. Get your clay and apply it all alone. It will work just fine ! Maybe you want to add one single ingredient. Do so.
The only unmodifiable subject is the thick cataplasm. You need something to make it gooey, non fragile, non drying and pliable. This is why I add ground flax seeds or chia seeds with hot water.

Be creative

When you do clay mixtures of layered masks or thicker cataplasms, you can actually use any liquids. Let it serve to your individual needs and your budget. You can harvest some flowers, herbs, roots and leaves yourself. Make a quick 10minutes infusion and after it is cooled down, use that instead of water.
Treating something severe, like athletes foot or fungal infections ? You can add sensibly garlic, ginger and lemon juice, chilly powder and fine black pepper to your concoction. Even topical green tea can have it’s benefits ! Use your imagination, but do not be careless. Applying strong garlic for a whole night will burn off like 5 layers of skin and you’ll end up in hospital.
Topical steamed onion also helps with joint pain. You can finely chop it, stirfry it in some coconut oil, then mix it with your clay.

Medical use

If I had cancer, Alzheimer’s, crown’s disease, chronic joint pain, arthritis, fungal infections or any serious condition, I would surely use clay. It is so cheap, natural and gentle. I addition to all homeopathic solutions, like infra red lamps, cold laser therapy, sea-swimming and barefoot walking, breathing methods, nebulising and so, this will also be to your benefit. One more poor men’s medicine for the entire family ! Babies, mother’s, grandparents ! You can use clay in enemas too, in case of prostate or large intestin problems ! Search, research, exploit, enjoy,  !
Ask your physician if had to !

PS: Like all health solutions, clay does not work all alone or against bad habits. You cannot exercise yourself out from a bad diet, nor can you diet yourself out from a weekend drunk-fest and smoking. Use clay in conjunction with quality, healthy, energetic and sporty lifestyle ! Keep it away from electric fields, store it dry and dark ! 

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