Tor Des Geants W7 – May 28th to June 3rd

“If you can look up, you can get up !”

The goal of of the week is to recover. To gain confidence, despite the pain in my shoulder, back and side rib cage. I will do a cold plunge every single day, infra red light therapy after I massaged some special herbal creams, essential oils and magnesium into the tissue. I already had an extra large B12 shot for cell level rebuilding. I am also gonna give the chance to a 24h fast this week and next week too, when I am gonna just lay in bed, read and recover. All day long. I might get my hammock and go up to the local forest and spend the day there, barefoot and bare chested. Sun, fresh air, reading, sleeping and having an excellent alone time.


Monday 28th

Still up in the mountains around Ilonse. Feeling great in general. However my legs are smoked, my wrist is broken and swollen, my back hurts behind the rib fracture and it hurts to breathe hard, to sneeze to laugh.

Tuesday 29th

Woke up feeling scarred that I wont be able to go to work. It happened that my wrist is a lot better. I have to be careful about my upper body, especially sudden movements, but it was totally okay. My ribs are not happy about sneezing at all. It just sharply hurts me. I mean it hurts a lot !

Wednesday 30th

I planned a short bike ride early morning. I am going just right now at 7am, to enjoy myself and to spin a little bit. I am going to love that one.

Finally it was a hard fasted bike ride with some PRs on certain sprint climbs, what I am very happy about. I then went out for a tempo run, but totally empty and under fuelled. I finished my 5km jelly legged outing on a 4:15/km, but felt like I was running 3:15 pace ! 😀

Thursday 31st

Morning the very first thing coming into my mind was to go for a jog and continue listening to the Sapiens audiobook. That is what I did. I was jogging very easy and enjoying my surroundings. It was epic.

At the afternoon after watching Nadal smoking his opponent on the Garros, I eecuted my planned run as wanted. It was hard, but did it. 3 x 1000m on 3:20. I mean it is nothing sort of a breakthrough at all, as my PB is 3:07/km pace for 3 x 3000m repeats, but I was so happy. I unfortunately always forget that the track is the only controlled and balanced environment that I can use to do max heart rate see god workouts. It is very important. Very often I do a superbly hard really smoking workout, breaking even a PR and a strava segment, but when I a check my heart rate max, it is like 165. I mean that is not a problem, but sometimes for like 2 or even 4 months, I don’t use that 30beats I still have over it ! That is a problem and a big one ! I must continue to use this 95/5 MAF approach and hit the track at least once a week ! Very important !


Friday 1st

Easy 2km jog to the shop and back to get breakfast. Two slices of steaks, eggs and spinach ! Afternoon I wanted to go for a very easy jog on 135, but the direct sun was just way too much at this moment. I decreased it for 125 and cut it short ! Yes I was already suffering ! What I am happy about that under the blazing sun on a 126bpm HR I was still strolling around on a 4:45/km pace !

Saturday 2nd

Easy running today, nothing special, just jogging around with friends. We tested out ultimate direction packs to see what can help us in this year’s adventures. A 25L , 35L and a trail vest. Small reviews are coming up next week. Stay tuned in !
I also did not have any shoes left. I mean, of course my Altras are undestructible, especially the Superiors and the Lone Peaks, but their state is not necessarily correct to adventure on the over 5hour terrains. I need more security. I got a cheap deal on a 3.0 Lone Peak so I got them. I also found an even smaller deal on an Trailtalon 235 from Inov 8 . I don’t like dropped shoes anymore, but I needed a new pair of adventure shoe what had grip, so I could go and do 3-4 outing with. Yes, when you runventure on terrain like I do, 3-4 outings what it takes ! With my favorite Peregrins I did one single outing of 18hours. Binned it after ! Mesh totally messed up and had pieces midsoles chunk missing from the shoe. Outsole had no grip left ! Honestly I am going to try to find some shoe making material and start resoling my shoes as it starts costing me money.

Sunday 2rd

20min warming up. Last long run. 15min cooldown. At least that is how I planned. There was 24°C in shade, but around 35°C under the sun, together with the rebound effect from the red rocks. I planned a dynamic run, where I push myself to a dull-pain zone. No suffering or gasping hard, but still a kind of ultra race effort. I had a 2L camelbak with me, just in case. I am happy that I did not start light and fast. I wanted to go at the beginning with sunglasses ! Yeah I mean, no t-shirt, no bag, no water, no food ! So during warming up my heart rate was hitting already 144 once. I said, hell yeah ! During the effort I was very often around 160. Heat is an enormous game changer. I had a small coffee for breakfast and I took 3 gels with me. I ate one before each climbs. I was kind of pushing the climbs, but did not feel like advancing fast enough. That midday sun is already creating furnace every day. What an epic place to train for the MDS. Until now, I did not take anything outside of water on any outing. I mean since Octobre. However once, you start hitting that high heart rates that long, you must eat, as you burn way more than you think. Also carbs help you absorbing more water and so as the opposite. I use honey based gels, but this time I took some older gel packs with me. Of course they upset my stomach. Heat, effort, maltodextrine, fruit juice concentrate, vitamins, minerals. I used two organic french brands, but still ! Honey is just honey, I don’t need 50 ingredients. Honey, royal jelly, propolis and salt. Honey, ginger, ginseng eucalyptus. Honey, orange oil, pepper mint. I mean the recipes are simple and work just fine !!!

12h11min Total Training 
88km Running
50km Cycling
(28h of BikeWork)

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