Tor Des Geants W8 – June 4th to 10th


Week of epic recovery and some light work. Increasing mobility time, yoga, cutting back running time and volume. Adding Roland Garros and reading time, cutting back on calories. Stabilising sleep and adding in afternoon naps.

I am just totally relaxed and enjoying myself.

Monday 4

After sunday’s hard run, I took a day off to stretch out, ride a little bit and sleep in twice 😀

Tuesday 5

Easy 8km morning barefoot jog, to stretch out those muscles. Really enjoyed it and had fun. Just jogging.

Wednesday 6

I wanted to go and repeat last weeks 3 x 1000m workout, to keep up the stimulus, but it is freckin’ raining and very windy. There is no point, as it would be a compromised training session. I just stay at home after this rainy cycling tour, and will be jogging or running at the evening. Take it easy is my motto. I cannot gain fitness to be applied this weekend. Speed adaptations need 10 to 14 days, strength and endurance are built even longer term, so better to just mobilise, strethc and relax.

Thursday 8

Friday 8

Cancelled work and did the necessary shopping for tonight and tomorrow. Yes I am racing tomorrow ! Slept in the tent, but despite the relaxed environment and no stress, I slept zero minutes ! I am not sure why, but seriously, zero minutes of sleep ! I was practicing breathing for 7 hours in my sleeping bag to calm my body and make it fall as sleep. I was yawning and feeling my eyes closing, but when time came to fall as sleep, it did not happen. I was meditating and emptying my mind, doing long and deep nasal breathing, box breathing sessions, some very light breath holds, counting sheeps and so. No sleep.

Pre race dinner like most of the time, quality starch. Manioca cous cous, with 1 cherry tomato, couple chlorella capsules, a can of sardine. A calming infusion and some chocolate. Same habits I do every day of my life. Light carb back loading and infusion, a couple of hours before sleep.

Saturday 10

Woke up 4am and drank half a litre of water and a couple of sips of sparkling water. Prepared my quality morning drink. Coffee, non filtered. Walked around and jogged around, with no mobility, no stretching, no skipping roping, but nothing. Walked and jogged. I don’t like that, but I do what I can, what time allows me, no stress about it.

Sunday 11

Yesterday’s race went well. 65km with around D+3500m elevation gain. Technical very rocky terrain. Twisted my ankles very badly after only 2hours and also 10minutes before the finish. I used a very new pair of shoes and I think I should have re-laced it for the first descent. I got a pair of old 3.0 lone peaks, as it just works for me and they are indestructible so it will take a lot of hammering in the future.

It was very hot in certain sections of the race, but for me at this time, it did not feel like the regular heat. I mean I mostly suffer and slow down, but this time no. I felt strong all the way. I think that my large size, 198cm needs a lot more calories despite my predicted fat burning ability. Especially in a strong effort like this. I was always above 140beats a minute and a went over 160 many times. No regularity, no holding back. Pushing it hard all the time !

Nutrition was dialled in. I took as many Honey gel packets as my stomach can handle and drank as much coconut water as I could and also ate as many grains of pink himalayan salt as I was able to. I had some light reflux and puking sensation just before arrived to the 2nd aid station, then when went out from there, in my third bottle I mixed in an effervescent tablet of betain citrate, what always works like a charm. No more problems.
The last aidstation, like wlways, I look for the fastest sugar. When white sugar is available,  I take that, when not, I am going for coke ! Why ? Cause there is nothing left ot preserve for, it is not endurance anymore, but going all in ! I need the fastest burning most rapidly emptying fuel. Of course, If could have organic slightly refined rapadura sugar or pure glucose, I would take that. But there was non. I mixed half a liter of coke with half a liter of sparkling water, drank it and went out with 1liter of plain water and a mixture of coke and water in my hand, sipping on it. Disgusting it is, but it works. I hate the taste of coke, the colour of coke, the plastic bottles and all associated things with coke. However as Chris McCormack describes, there are times when only coke can help, and it does help ! There is only one setback: once you are on coke, you must stay on coke or else you can get really hypoglycaemic even a couple of hundred meters before the finish line.

Finished 5th in 8h20min

10h05min Total Training 
83km Running
0km Cycling
(20h of BikeWork)


” Let the training begin ! “

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