Efficacious Recovery: Cycling + fasting, meat, bone-broth, sardines, collagen and all gelatinous substances

Last weekend’s race just destroyed me. It was brutal. 65km with D+3500m of elevation gain. Very rocky with a bone-marrow boiling heat. Honestly, I was in serious fatigue post competition !
3days later I have no more muscular, joint or any impact and distance caused issues. All of them disappeared. I am not tired, what is a great surprise. Well, no surprise, because I have a special tactic what seems to be working superbly well, in case of recovery. There is actually some research behind it and I am a believer. Gelatine, viscous substances, gels, fats and bike riding with one single meal in the morning, then another one in the evening.

How does this look like ? I wake up, drink my high fat coffee, go for a walk and do a light mobility session. I prepare my giant steak in butter and spices, eat it with some raw vegetables. Simple. Like shredded red cabbage, a small tomato, olives, basta. That is around 8:30am. I ride my bike multiple times. I do not go out for a 10hour ride, but I might ride 5 times 1 hour. I put on my flat pedals, ride down to the beach, swim and enjoy the sun. Later on, I ride to a nice spot with a Mike Horn book, read for an hour and ride back home. I ride to the local market to buy next day’s food. I ride to the track to see what the athletes are doing. At the evening I might ride again to the sea to take another dip. Next day, I just continue my messenger work and ride all day long.

This is my third day after the race and I have no more sense of tiredness at all, nowhere. Neither in my digestion, not in my lymphatic or circulatory system, nor in my musculoskeletal structure.
During the day I drink only water. I might add a pinch of salt or a little spoon of bicarb to the water and would swap between plain and sparkling, but no calories. Next time I would eat is like 2030 to 9pm. This time, it would be a salad with one apple. Maybe some boiled potatoes with spinach. Polenta served on lightly steamed rainbow chard. Sweet potatoes with finely chopped persil and sauerkraut. 3-4 apples processed with 10 dates and loads of cinnamon. I keep it simple, with this backloading routine.
It is a kind of intermittent fasting stimulus. Despite the lack of necessary hours to be calling it fasting, the constant circulatory motion, the movement and the calorie burning nature of the day, our body will be stopping the major digestive process about 12am and tune into a state of reparation. This 12hour window of not eating during the day and the small carb meal at the evening, really dials in the recovery process for that night of sleep.

This is a personal anecdote, but it just works. It is the 5th race in a row, where I apply this and it freckin’ rocks. I recover from injuries, from fatigue, from lack of sleep.

I did a 24h no-sleep multisport adventure, followed by 2 vertical kilometer races and a brutal half marathon with D+1500m of gain and loss, topping it up with a 5th place in last weekends technical ultra. 6 weekends 5 races with increasing recovery rate. Is it not evolutionary ? As you get into harder and harder realms, you get better and better ! In training, racing and recovering !

Fatty, gelatinous foods, vitamin C and cycling. A juicy steak with raw red cabbage. A can of sardines with olive oil and lemon juice soaked raw broccoli. 3 avocados served on lettuce with olives. An almond milk chia seed&flax pudding with gooey medjool dates. Vegan, paleo, high fat, low-fat, there are options. However understand, that animal produce are 100 times as potent !

I am a big believer in real food. Touching, interacting, preparing, cutting, processing, cooking your own real food.
However in some sever cases, like injuries, isolated substances can work even better. In the meantime, they repair other tissues in the body too. You can actually buy giant bones, calf, sheep and pig lower legs  and cook them in a veggie soup, to creak enormous amount of gelatine.
You may just buy organic gelatine powder ! You can mix it with water and lemon juice as a basic melange, let it sit for 10minutes, drink it. It is possible to mix your jello drink with synergistic substances like, quality food derived ascorbic acid, citrulin malate, l-carnitin, creatine, MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin. Pop a curcumin, ginger and curcuma capsule after wards.
The gelatine is also replaceable by hydrolysed collagen or collagen peptide. Land or sea sources.
I find that the closest to the food it is, the deeper it goes and the more multifaceted the healing it provides. There are tremendous benefits for your guts, what will remove inflammation and make your digestion a lot more efficacious. This will lead to a better overall body healing. If you had a broken bone and in the meantime IBS, your body will not necessarily make a difference between the too. It will try to heal all !

I list here some totally random articles, to show that it is actually not only me who talks about using gelatinous substances, like fatty meat, sardines, bone-broth and so, to recover 10folds faster.

I give you 2 of my easy recipes, as I don’t like to mess around too much:

  • 3,5 cups (7dl) of water 1 carrot, 1 potato, 1 tomato, small slice of chopped up beaf/pork, 1 chopped garlic, half chopped red onion, 1 tbsp of salt, black and red pepper, slice of butter, cook it till all soft as you like. Stir in 3 heaped table-spoon of organic beaf of pork gelatin, till the texture of the powdered gelatin disappears. It takes 1 minute. Serve it in bowls and put it in the fridge.

  • Make 3 cups (7dl) of light herbal tea / infusion. You can make green tea jellos or lavender lemonade. Add a big spoon of honey and juice of half a lemon, or just add orange juice, apple juice, grape juice. Keep it hot for 5minutes, then stir in your 3 tbsp of jelly like before. If you wanted to add colour, you can add just a 1 teaspoon of beetroot juice, nettle juice or blended blueberries. Here you go, your tea jelly is ready. Easy !
    You can do anything, anyhow, anytime. 6dl of water needs about 3tbsp of gelatin.


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