Tor Des Geants W9 – June 11th to 17th

This time I am not writing a day by day timeline in a blog like fashion. There was one major goal for the week. Get recovered. It happened very fast. The human body is just epic. Give it some water, rest, good food, stress free environment, some heat, cold and light simulation and it heals. I developed however a strange two-sided psoas flare up on Wednesday. It I stretched and continued running, so it totally went away till Friday night. For saturday morning I was engaged in a vertical kilometer. I am not a big fan of doing back to back races, especially long-term, but this is what I have been doing for like 8 weeks now. Racing and racing and racing and training in-between. How ? Easy ! I took short races and actually impact free vertical races. You smoke your lungs and aerobic system for 1hour while jacking up your quad, glut and calf muscles, then as a recovery you jog down. How epic is it! Your overall recovery, of course once you were fit enough is not compromised, but enhanced !

This was my third vertical K and I got it again. I got faster and faster since I started engaging in this new discipline. This time however the difficulty was way too high. My broken rib flared up, just the day before. I was in the deepest darkest section of the inner paincave. You ever had dental nerve work done ? Try feeling that sharp pulsating mental-hammer-house every breath you take ! It was making me cry man ! I have had absolutely no signs of this problematic rib for almost 7 days, including the 65km race of last weekend. The minute before we left home Friday afternoon, when I tried just lacing up my shoes, I put my chest on my knees and something popped. I am not sure why and how and why now, but it went painful like at the very eastly stages.

Either ways, I was ready to push, I was ready to rumble and go all out. We slept in a tent at 2000m altitude and I snored like a freckin’ fat baby with one single wake up call for 10hours. It was like 2 °C outside maybe 15°C in the tent. I was dressed up properly in my sleeping beg, providing me ideal temperatures for the dreams to come. I woke up with no alarm, at 6am and still napped for another 1 hour till going out for rehydrating and making a big coffee. Took an almond bar as breakfast with some of my ex-favorite traditional oat crackers. Well I saw that they use palm oil inside Nairn’s. Palm oil from Fair Trade sustainable farming or something like this. It is a cheap as, but how cheap is it really ? Natural forests got burned to ground and trillions of dollars are paid for overseas shipping. At the end because of the lack of fresh air due to the smokes and the missing plants and the diesel burnt by cargo ships and so, we are going to pay big time !

I went to lighten me up twice ! Felt feather weight straight away, if you knew what I meant. I warmed up with standing mobility for 10 minutes and also 10 minutes of high intensity run intervals. Basically running around and accelerating up and downhill, giving 20sec long tempo efforts and so.

When the gun went off, I ran, ran and ran. Then of course walked. A mixture of the two. Then again walked. I was keeping an eye on my watch each time I saw a 100m mark. I was going under 5min for 100m, what is 1200m/h vertical speed. I knew I can break 50minutes. I was pushing and pushing as my lungs were able to. I did it, 49:30 for 1000m of elevation gain ! I am happy, I mean superbly happy. PR after a 65km race ? I feel great. This is a long vertical race, around 4.5km and D+1150m of gain so finished with 57:30 at 10th place. No poles !
I am not anywhere near the top guys. They are like 20kilograms lighter and 20cm shorter ! Still, this gives me tons of confidence, for climbing during ultra races !

Now, I must relax at least for a couple of weeks. I will have a half marathon coming on the 7th of July in my home country. Yeah I must travel a little bit.

8h30min Total Training 
65.7km Running
25km Cycling
(30h of BikeWork)

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