Waking up during the night – Diet, Cortisol spikes, Overtraining syndrome and much more

A lot of coaches, athletes and scientist talk about this. How many times and for what reason do you wake up during the night. What is normal and what is abnormal. Don’t worry, this is going to be a very short post. I will talk only about the healthy side and not going to get into all the possible ailments you can have if your sleep habits are off.

Waking up multiple times during the night is normal or can be normal for some athletes. If you were the type of person who can fall as sleep very fast and get into deep sleep, there is no issue. You get out to the toilet, do your thing, get back to bad and snore in 20seconds.
The problems come when, you cannot fall back to sleep fast enough or despite that you are sleeping, you never reenter deep sleep mode.

It can be diet and hydration related actually. Suggesting that your diet is correct and healthy, you might want to work out meal and nutrient timing and food combinations. Maybe if you taken your last meal only 30minutes before you used to, would help as the beginning of the digestive phase would be way over when at bed. Some of you might have to push back the dinner 4 hours out or go to sleep later, or earlier. Some might not have a choice due to work and family obligations and taking digestive aids might be necessary. Time to time some betain HCL, digestive enzymes and probiotics. For some people a slice of meat with a sauerkraut will be better than a bowl of waikiki rice with dried fruits. Drinking water 30minutes before the meal and 30minutes after the meal is also crucial. If you drank during eating, you’ll be diluting your digestive juices and can extremely prolong digestive processes. Your afternoon / evening coffee, dark chocolate and green tea habits might have to be changed. Some people are not made to drink anything caffeinated after 12am midday. Think about supplements too, like spirulina, ginseng, ginger and cordiceps. Avoid them 8hours before bedtime, if had a hard time falling into or maintaining sleep. Trial and error is necessary as sleep is so individual. The only thing you cannot do is give up searching the tools to sleep deep !

Waking up 5 times during an 8 hour sleep is normal if you had 5,5h of deep sleep. Some of you would be able to do it, but still not happening. Light pollution is enormous ! I mean it is brutally effective to mess with your senses. There should be no lights ever anywhere in your bedroom, in your toilet, in the hall way.  Nothing ! No little red dots, little green dots, don’t turn on the light anywhere, do not check your watch, your phone and so. Get a real dark curtain to avoid streetlights hitting you all night long. It is normal to have lights like stars above you, or the full moon reflecting back from the nearby lake. Blinking, vibrating and artificial lightning however are damaging before, during and after your sleep.

A couple of tips to take your edge off at nighttime:
The basics: noise free, cooled down, light free room. Electric pollution and radio wave free environment. Wifi off, phone outside the room, no tablets, no tvs, no plugged in devices. This is your bedroom. The sanctuary of optimised total recovery. A vaporiser, nebuliser, oil diffuser with essential oils or some infrared light device can stay. Clean, dust free, chemical free well aired out bedsheets. Use a cold shower or a contrast shower before bedtime.
The additions: Home made spray with magnesium chloride. I dilute it a little lighter than advised so I can put more and all over my body. Magnesium helps you sleep and it is effectively absorbed by the skin.
CBD helps you to relax and turn off your head. No, you are not going to be flying or becoming too loose, that if a robber enters your room you cannot do anything. No, it will work together with your endocannabinoid system to get into a relaxed state.
Breath work like box breathing and deep nasal ventral breath practices are as effective. A light walk after eating or a hard but snappy exercise session with a proper cooldown 4hours before bedtime.
Lavender tea ! No mint, no eucalyptus, no ginger, no cacao, no milk, no black or green tea, no dark chocolate, no coffee, no mate !

A last one. Maybe it is your spouse who actually disturbs your sleep ! Get these things done to her and let her relax. I find that using a homemade oil blend of a couple of table spoons of olive oil, few of drops of CBD and lavander oil for massage is enormous. I can do a 10 to 15minute back and stomach massage and she sleeps like a baby. Giving love like this also makes you satisfied at the end of a hard day, as emotional life and stability is enormous in a relationship and in your mind !

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