Tor Des Geants – July 9th to 15th

Distance 41km
D+ 1900m
Time spent 5h41min

When you see this little training from me, that means heap loads of cycling. I am not sure how many hours I spent on the bike this last week, but at least 40hours in 6days if not more. My inner thigh is starting giving up too. I am also continuing my home restoration. Man, it is tiring. You ride out early morning to a client for a 60minute outdoor strength session. You get back home, do some painting. You ride out for 3-4hours for some delivery work. Get back home again, apply plaster or do other wall reparation stuff, get back out cycling for 2 to 3 hours for the night. Come back home and be smoked. Wake up early, restart. Basically I am up and running the engine for 15 to 18hours a day.

I also went up to altitude this last weekend. I was able to handle it for the day with no issues. I used to have serious headaches, nausea, lack of food absorption. Now it went like a charm. We slept at 2000m, though only for 4,5hours. I ate a mountain sandwich, drank my coffee and went for it. 1300m up scrambling on technical shit. I mean there are some up and down sections, but basically it is a straight up climb what becomes more and more technical as you arrive to the top. We still talk about trail running. But on this terrain you don’t run. On the top there is around 80minutes of scrambling on exposed ridges. Quotation talks about alpinism, but it is just exposed scrambling. There are couple of meters of 5a, but it is like 2 moves. Otherwise it stays like 3 with some 4sections. It is a little travers, where there is zero grip on a granite wall. You must climb to the top and grab the edge of the cliff, to create an angled tension, and travers this way. I mean, you can sit on top too and go across like a baby does on a plank over a river, but it is so freckin sharp, that it would cut you in half. The summit is at 3143m, Cime de Gelas.


You actually start on the right side of the picture in that small notch and follow the crest al the way, till you down scramble to the notch on the left side. 1.4km of exposed scrambling, love it !

Either ways, it is technical and exposed for about 80minutes, then a 1200meter steep descent. My legs held up very well, even better then expected. Lungs great too, so actually, despite that I do not spend weeks at altitude, I am getting slowly adapted. Passing days and loads of hours on the sun, while riding my bike helps a lot. It is not as effective as sauna and the heat shock protein flush you get from it, but it works.

I also found my special pack for the TOR, it works and it is epic. It runs when have to, but walks very comfortably. Easy to adjust and holds weight very well. It has great adjustment points to tighten down contents, and can use these compression straps to hold elements like poles or an ice axe. Review is coming soon. I have to get in a couple of more miles.

There is only one thing missing. Missing a lot. Mountain biking. I want to go out, but cannot physically squeeze more in to the 24h day. I’d love to go and hammer it. What I love is interval training. I ride for 30sec hard uphill on a rocky slope, then “run” up with the bike in the back on a tehcnical trail section for about 1minute and roll down afterwards on the DH track. Rest, recover restart. 45 to 60minutes I can get a workout in what works upper, lower body. Hand eye coordination. Core muscles and technical abilities. I love it ! It works !


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