Superfood and Supplement Scam ! Ranting !

You don’t need superfoods to be healthy ! This is fact ! The other thing is that “superfood” as the word, means absolutely nothing ! Super, meaning superior or better than regular food. Who says that ? The one who wants you to buy it ! Just think about it with a straight mind, with the brain of somebody unchanged and pure ! Why would a dried green powder siting on the shelf for 5months exposed to temperature changes, coming from a country 1000s of kilometers away, would be a better option than your freshly handpicked, local, ripe, raw, in season, organic baby spinach ! I mean where is the nutritional superiority ? Goji berries, moringa, maca, cordiceps, chaga, pau d’arco and so. All nations have their own special local healing and mouth pleasuring produce, not that they are needed in the quantities that these so called superfoods are sold !

To understand this new way of eating, we have to go a little bit deeper into psychology, philosophy and knowledge.
First of all there are a couple of statements here to go with. You don’t necessarily have to understand, but swallow them ! Acknowledge them ! Think about them at least !

  • You cannot supplement yourself out from a bad diet ! 
  • You cannot superfood yourself out from a bad lifestyle !
  • You cannot supplement yourself out from bad environmental factors ! 
  • You cannot superfood yourself out from emotional, work, family stress ! 
  • At least 51% of all your calories should come from fresh fruits and vegetables !
  • Zero factory processed foods should pass through you ! 
  • There is no sandwich in nature ! 
  • Food combination and simplicity is one crucial key to success ! 
  • Your fruits and vegetables should be fresh, raw, ripe, local, in season, organic, handpicked, unwashed and untreated. 
  • Your meat or fish should be also fresh, raw, organic and local. 
  • If your next door neighbour was a sustainable, organic, outdoor egg and dairy farmer, you might engage in some yoghurt and cheese, sometimes, but it is non necessary for health ! 
  • Alcohol is great for sterilising, cleaning, making tinctures, preserving and conserving ! 

This was just a few. Now you see what I am talking about. Before you buy your spirulina, what is coming from hawaii, your maca root powder from Peru, cordiceps from china, Creatin and Carnosine from a pharmacy, ask yourself questions ! Educate yourself about these !

Some explanation needed ? Here you go ! If you were eating cereals for breakfast, even if it was organic muesli with almond milk, a whole wheat bread organic sandwich for lunch and a rice-fish-salad plate for dinner, yes you have things to learn, not things to buy !
Drinking only 1,5L of water a day, watching TV for hours each night before your 11pm bedtime, going to the pub with friends every second weekend ? Maybe instead of korean ginseng and guarana capsules, you should get some sleep, early, with an open window, after listened to a couple of tunes from a great musicians at 9pm latest ! You should have 2 bottles of filtered water lined up, maybe 4 for summertime and your bad mood would go away !
You always have a choice ! You cannot turn off the air-conditioning ? You have toxic mold circulating in the air ? All of your neighbours leave the WIFI turned on for the night ? The daily one hour commute messes up your lungs ? Bad luck, but it is your choice to put your career ahead of your health ! 100% your choice !
Your boss is an a.s ? Your wife and children freaks you out ? Your friends pulling you back as you start skipping bonding sessions in the local pub ? All of these can be handled by communication and some applied psychology ! If not, quitting is always an option !
You should eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. On the other hand you must learn, what works for you. Some might go off the chart with fruits and veggies on a total vegan diet, others might go with a carnivorous lifestyle, with loads of meat, fish, eggs and veggies like spinach, kale, celery roots, tubers and so. Nobody gets his or her calories from cereals or oils !
Still eating morning drinks with cocopops, orange juice, ice cream, cookies, pasta bolognese, oreos, MMs ? Well even if it was occasional, while an apple would do no harm, the snack isle will ! Actually 95% of all supermarket isles are non-consumables !
This is a big one. Food combinations. It must be learnt ! While eating one single food at a time is a recipe for success, our current 21st century human nature is not wired anymore to this. One great guide is that no carb and fat should go together. Rice with veggies great. Avocado, sardines with lettuce, great. Meat with cucumber and tomato, great. Steak and fries ? No ! Pasta with beef mince ? No ! Rice and Fish ? No ! Rice and lentils ? Maybe ! Pork chops and sweet potatoes ? No ! Tajine couscous ? No ! Olive oil on starches ? No ! Iceream and soda during any meal ? No ! Nuts and fruits ? No ! Understanding what is fat, protein, carbs, starches, fruits is crucial. Most people don’t know these terms ! They don’t understand them at all !
I love this: There is no sandwich in nature ! This can encourage you to eat as simple as possible ! Sometimes I have no time at all. I am metabolically flexible ! I don’t care what I get ! If the first thing I see is organic apples, I just grab 6 of them and run with it. If the local grill was open, I might take half a chicken. Local, freshly grilled ! A can of sardines with 2 avocados ? I am happy ! I love bananas, but they don’t always love me back. When it is cooler, I handle them very well, when it is 35°C out there, I have my head itchy ! I eat only when it is a little cooler and go for the spotty ones.
When you ate superfoods, coming from abroad, what do you think the environmental impact is ? That carrier ship what brings your durian, mangoes and papayas from Thailand burns off more fuel in one hour then you do in your entire lifetime ! Yes  up to 16tons of fuel. The world’s 15biggest ships create more pollution than all the cars of the planet together ! Crazy ! If you lived local, including everything, I mean everything, your actual health would be less impacted !
Meat can be a cure for someone, health risk for others. Consider getting yours from only local, only grass fed, only organic. If I cannot get that, I do not compromise. I can go vegan for a lifetime if needed, but I extremely rarely consume factory farmed cruelty crap. I’d rather go hunting myself !
You still drink that daily beer ? Weekend wine taster ? Look no further to solve your skin rash ! It is not your nivea cream what will help !

I don’t know everything. No ! I am learning and researching ! However, when working with, observing, questioning clients, I always find the skeletons in the closet ! Some of them are willing to take immediate actions of a 180° turn. Others choose a painful 10 years setback filled road !When clients come to me with a lifetime of Crown’s disease and asking for help, here is what I find. They say that they eat with no gluten, no dairy and sometimes even egg free. They eat 100% organic. They often say, that they do not eat any processed sugar and no transfats and cheap oils either ! Sounds great isn’t it ? Well, I always come across with the same stuff. Skeletons in the closet !

  • Organic coconut sugar, raw rapadura cane sugar, honey, stivia, agave, brown rice or maple syrup. These are sugar ! I find the rice flour, the almond flour, the polenta, quinoa, the psyllium husk, the buckwheat flour, the rice, the maze pasta, the gluten free couscous, manioca flour.
  • Soy products, like soy yoghurt, tofu, tempeh, soy sauce.
  • Organic sausages, salamis, bacon, paté and all kind of smoked and cured meats !
  • Organic biscuits. Organic fruit juices. Organic milks from all kind of stuff. Organic chips. Organic kale chips, organic tortilla chips, organic flex and carrot chips.
  • Still heat frying with better oils, still eating the same combinations of oily and carby, still not drinking enough water, still not sleeping enough, still looking the FB on phone every 10minutes, still breathing through the mouth and chest all day and night, still bad posture, still bad shoes, still ……..

Actually nothing has changed, despite the big O of the Organic before each food item ! It is the same cereal based, processed meat, processed food diet. Just because most foods are low heat treated, compressed, dehydrated on low heat….
An organic store is the exact same as any big shop. 5 to 10% food and the rest is kind of non-consumable ! Fruits, veggies mostly and meat and fish if had butcher section.

When I ask these clients, when did you eat a salad of raw red cabbage, beetroot, broccoli with a can of sardines ? They just ask back, I did not know that you can eat any of those raw ! When was the last time you snacked on 3 apples and went with the day ? Never as the trail mix, the biscuits or the chips was in place of that ! Did you think about adding some salt, magnesium, bicarb to your water with some lemon drops ? “- Everybody told me salt is bad for you !” So you freckin’ eat your bag of chips with the organic but still cheap low quality NACL on it, but you are afraid of putting a full spectrum rock or sea-salt in your water ?

What I can tell you right now, from everything what I observed in the last 2 decades about health, is that all restriction free proper diets work ! Vegan, paleo, vegetarian, primal, Mediterranean. However non of them have any cereals, paleo icecream or therefor any processed food in them ! Non, zero !

This whole article is about supplementing, if you realised ! You should see all the little side-steps in your lifestyle, in your diet, before you engage in supplementation. Why ? Very often and nearly all of the time actually, the lack of something is paired up with the too much of something else ! Getting rid of something non-functional and replacing it with something local, fresh, raw, ripe, organic, hand picked is going to help. Especially long term !

I hope you understand this article ! It is about education, not a contra-supplement campaign special ! I love quality supplements ! However it just boils me to nuts, when somebody with a subway sandwich in the hand asks me if he should take spirulina ? When moms have guarana pills, green coffee extract or when I see average guys taking protein powder. You paid like 50bucks for 2kg of whey and you say steak is expensive ?

As an example, I work sometimes 100 hour work weeks. Always over 80, often over 100, peaked at 140 once. Some physical work, some mental work, but no jacking around. I had a week when completed 75hours of cycling work and I kept up with my running training and also took care of personal-training business, while slept only 3hours a night. Yes I went with 21h long days ! It is not like after a mad week like this I can stop and have a rest day. I must keep on going. Recover immediately and go ! 70 80 100hour weeks !
The amount of calories I must consume is enormous and the load on my digestive system and on my body is also very heavy ! I take supplements.

I use olive oil and coconut oil to decrease food-mass while increasing calories. This also helps me to absorb more from my vegetable matter. I consume tons of dried greens from my forest. Stinging nettle, plantain is my go to ! I like spirulina because it works magically with my morning fatbomb coffee. I use a local organic one, made in provence. I also like Flamant Vert what is from the Andes from altitude. Pure enough.
I have to eat tons of meat to maintain muscle mass, I train as much and more than a Tour de France Rider, but my day doesn’t finish there ! I am painting and renovating, I cook, I do computer work, I learn, I look for business opportunities and I am getting it done ! There are days or even weeks, when meat is not my priority at all ! I just don’t want it, it is 39°C out there ! I want ice cold fruit smoothies ! I put in a pinch of full spectrum salt, some creatine, citruline malate and l-carnitine.
I make bread from Flax seeds, chia seeds, black sesame seeds and poppy seeds. This is a fat bomb bread ! I need calories, but not empty ones.
I have to keep my gut checked because of this load, impact stress, sun exposure, bad air exposure. I use kombucha ,kefir, lavander tea, freshly ground ginger and curcuma infusion and so.

A physically active or we can say hyper active human can benefit from supplements. Why ? Because the gut load and the gut damage is extremely high from the huge caloric needs. Eating 5 to 6000 calories a day is enormous. Reducing the quantity by making the caloric count more dense, improving efficacy of micro and macro nutrient absorption and utilisation, having natural anti inflammatories circulating in the body ! These are all important and extremely beneficial for the all day long every day athlete ! Especially if we talked about cyclist for instance or long distance hikers. Bike delivery courriers, walking news paper agents, hiking and climbing mountain guides and so. Your day to day, week to week and season to season recovery, mental sharpness and responsibility are all very important.

Can you see ? I mean, just because you have 2 kids and work 40hours a week in an office , do gym workouts and a weekend football match and feeling tired, you do not have to go for supplements ! Get your lifestyle in check first and your diet under total control. Bin the TV, bin the X-Box, read, walk a bit barefoot, engage in short yoga and breathing sessions, throw out all the chemicals and use only natural stuff for cleaning, improve your sleep. Forget about the latest maca, matcha, moringa marketing scam ! Rishi, shitaki, maitaki ? Why don’t you learn properly at least 3 mushrooms to identify what you can gather in the nearest forest with your kids ? Those will be way more beneficial !

Your best supplement is sleep ! Your best superfood is proper hydration ! This is called fasting and recovering ! After 24h your body will reset itself and your cravings will subside. A lettuce or an apple will be appealing ! You can start using your mind and start learning and self educating ! You will start exercising together with your family ! 
An entire chain-reaction of positive changes will appear effecting not only you, but your close surroundings and greater external environment too! 

Self control, discipline, thoughts, actions, responsibility ! 

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