The FASTest way for extreme sports recovery !

Yes it is fasting ! So easy ! So fast ! So reliable ! So understandable ! Outcomes are always the same and always positive ! I have been playing with it for almost 4 years now and have no negative setbacks ! No surprises, just constant great results ! This is the greatest and most efficacious supplement ever ! A well designed personalised fasting protocol !

There is only one single thing to know as a prerequisite for success ! Metabolic health ! It is a little bit like the false idea about medicine ! When sick it cures you, when healthy it makes you ill ! If you were completely honest with yourself, have no eating disorders, no anorexia, no bulimia and in perfect control and discipline, fasting is better than any other options out there !

Fasting, drinking only water, resting, sleeping, and having a chilled day. Engaging in philosophy and diving into your own thoughts, laying in a hammock out in the local forest, breathing fresh air. This is the day of mind emptying ! This is the day of eliminating toxic clutter accumulated in your body !

I talk from a personal experience. I talk from client’s anecdotes. I talk from professional literature ! Having at least once a month a 24 / 36 / 48h fast is extremely beneficial for athletes. Taking completely off digestive load. Turning off bacterial income ! Resetting body values ! Resetting blood mineral levels ! It is all about a big pause ! Your body will sigh and thank you for it !

Personal Experience

I started seriously including one, two or even 3 fasting days before very important competitions ! I fast before and during long travels ! That includes travel to races. I experimented with this and I found a good protocol for me, what works just right for my personal needs !

For shorter than two hour races, I go for a 24h fast 3days before the race ! I might use some salt, some minerals, maybe a little bit of charcoal or clay to enhance detoxification ! I have a light dinner at 5pm and the next time I eat is next day at 20pm. I reduce activity levels to the minimum possible that day ! Work on inner balance and self discovery !

The protocol doesn’t change for ultra-marathons ! I just repeat it for 3weeks. Every week I choose the lowest activity day and include the 24h fast. The last one about 5 to 6 days out. I make sure, to have plenty of sleep and water every single day !
It resets the stomach. It reinforces digestion. It makes the mind stronger. It resets fat burning to higher levels. It gets rid of old and sick cells, makes new ones. It excretes cellular waste, reduces inflammation. It eliminates stress, anxiety and confusion.

As life goes on very fast, I for sure include one 24 to 36 hour period each month, but if business permits, I do more than one !

What happens when done before races ? I feel epic ! I can easily handle anytime a full day of racing or even longer. Yes I mean, I can manage a sleepless over 24h period very easily ! I have no stomach distress anymore ! I have way less cramps. I have a smile on my face, caused by deeper thoughts, self discipline and total emotional control.

What happens after races ? No water retention ! No tendonitis ! Very rapidly healing body ! Supple joints and bouncy muscles ! Mental readiness to get back to running !
I often include a 24h fast 3days after a big race ! Why ? It calms my body from the distress of pounding and consumed crap. Gels, coke, biscuits ! Yes sometimes, you just grab whatever is at the aid-station and go with it ! It resets my body’s circadian rhythm and helps me to get an epic good night sleep, then keep on going with it ! It brings back real hunger and discourages craving based eating !

Long term / Regular intermittent fasting

There are many articles up on the net about this. Most of them negative ! Why ? Because it proposes a very restricted timeframe of eating. Consequently as an endurance athlete the calories in / calories out ratio is very important. If you ate only after the intermittent protocols, you must have the required calories shoved in let’s say between 14 and 20pm. That can totally distress the stomach and can lead to disordered eating. If you went low calories by skipping that very first meal, you will be in a deficit after 3 days and training will suffer then on.
While intermittent fasting can have epic effects on health and weight, if forced too much, sports performance can greatly suffer and actually it can lead to eating disorders.
Also, science shows that the real benefits of not eating starts after about 16 hours and peaking after 20. Getting in a 24+/36/48hour fasting on rest days once or twice a month is way more efficacious in case of cellular autophagy and detoxification ! It creates less stress and if planned well, it doesn’t disturb even the highest sports performance !


Fasting is not for everyone and not for anytime ! Every single person can greatly benefit from it, if their education is up par and their self-knowledge is also well developed. Timing is key !

Don’t forget ! You cannot fast yourself out from a bad diet ! You cannot fast yourself out from a bad lifestyle ! If mentally ill, eating disorders can be enhanced or developed with fasting ! If too sick, with enormous blood sugar and mood swings, medically supervised fasting is necessary , if decided to go with fasting for healing !

For people in general and athletes with excellent health it is a great longevity program ! Every nation has some sort of fasting protocols. When you are sick you are not hungry. When you heal and recover a healthy body during night time sleep, it is basically a short natural fast. There are 40 days fast in the Christian calendar, there is Ramadan, there are African tribes not caring if there was no food for a day or two. Babies do sleep for long 14  to 16 hours, because their metabolism is squeezing in every bit of nutrition from very little food to let them grow healthfully !

Scam ?

Internet-roaches often say it is a scam ! Why ? Because it is coming from a passion based thinking, very often done too often and usually paired up with yo-yo type of weight fluctuations. Yes there are people jumping on this and that bandwagon and tweet about their daily little findings like they discovered a second universe what solve all their problems ! Often some do one 24h fast, then nothing ever again, but still talking about their bad experience. He did not have the understanding to start with ! Nor the discipline !

No, it is not a scam. There are prerequisites, like knowledge, health, the why, the motivation ! Showing a great example, showing good behaviour, showing radiant health is the way to go. These people are the best image of how fasting works ! You don’t even notice that they don’t eat for days ! Their mood, their energy, their vibe is the same like always ! Once or twice a month, they go into “clearance” mode and give back to their bodies by not giving actually anything to it. Just a little break from eating !

One other last thing to understand ! The benefits of fasting, comes after and often way after the fast itself ! You might not even feel it ! However when the body is pushed, you’ll notice that you won’t crash anymore, you won’t go to self burning mode, you can handle stress more easily. Yes life and sports stress too !

I am not pro or contre. I am not advocating. I am not promoting. You do what you want. I know it works for me and until it does, I am going with it ! If something negative will happen, I will start asking questions, till then I keep on researching !

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