TOR des Geants – SetBacks – Mental Fortitude

Like during all prep periods there are doubts, questions, injuries and consequently solutions. There are always solutions. I am not talking about regrowing a broken bone in 3weeks. It is possible though, with injected stemcells, intravenous stemcells, NAD and vitamin infusions, PEMF treatment, infrared therapy, sleeping in isolation tank and with many other methods. No, I try discussing here solutions accessible to the mere humans and non-billionaire runners.

I have turned on my strava recording during the rest of my activities during the week. It is based on moving time, so when really slow, or when inbetween intervals, it is not recording time to training log. I ended up having a 38h training week. So here you go, an example how I live, because it’s been like this every week since January !

From the 16th of July to the 3rd of August, the training estimation is over 100hours. I have no fatigue, I am fresh and speedy as Gonzales and I enjoy every moment of life. I am happy with where I am at. I still would need some altitude training and some long downhill runs, but I am good to go already ! Now I just have to tackle this next 6 weeks very smartly !

Problems to solve
(In my mind they already are solved !)

Yesterday I twisted my ankle. Blew me ! It came from the shadow. I was actually having this flow state jog, where I was enjoying myself on a dirt road. I focused on high cadence and nose breathing. The goal of the session was 5km warming up of increasing speed while finishing with 5km on MAF.

I went on to a little path between grass patches, I turned my head on the right and my left ankle under me. I checked the place it happened. Nothing! I probably just stepped on a slightly angled bump, my heel was propelled further outward from the grass-bog and off I went. I remember, that after about 1km I adjusted my shoelaces to tighten them slightly more. Well, when I rechecked post ankle twist, they were still a bit loose. Probably with around a good cm of slack. Bang. No surprises in life, no excuses ! My fault ! I was mentally probably a little bit elsewhere as I already had a tailwind sprint session in the morning, followed by 6hours of easy cycling with clients. Elsewhere, I mean I was chilling and immersing in my thoughts, preparing my mind for the MAF part and for the next episodes of the day !

I restarted running immediately after the twist and I could actually run totally pain free. The more I ran the more it subsided. At least it is not serious. I stopped, cut the session short, walked out in, drank a litre of water and came home. Bought some silicium cream and started thinking about a structured plan on ankle rehab.

This is where I am at now. I am not having any issues, but my left ankle is weakened. My days will constitute loads of massage, balance drills and compression voodoo flossing. To not to let scar tissue building up ! I will make a couple of videos about it.

No excuses, only smart future actions ! My next and last big outing is tomorrow morning. I am going to beat the Argentera !

Ankle rehab :

  • Do not let it rest ! Easy exercises and rewiring the nervous system to fire properly is extremely important !
  • Silicium cream every 4 hours !
  • Infrared therapy twice a day !
  • Contrast shower every evening ! Though the water is not that cold now, it still works !
  • Epsom salt bath and sea swimming !
  • Voodoo flossing while balance board practicing
  • Sliding surface pressure applications. Basically pushing a lacrosse ball as hard as you can to the tissue and twisting / sheering glued on layers of everything. That includes of course, muscle, bone, tendon, nerves and nerve tunnels and everything.
  • Have no Compex, but could be good !


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