Mental Fortitude 101 – Find your why !

This is how usually it is said, but actually it should be better to say: Look for your why or search your why !

Our current society and developed human behaviours make us very distinct from animals. Our goal is not only to survive and eat. Humans have intellect, complicated emotions, chain of thoughts maybe lasting for years. We live longer in our families circles then ever seen before in the animal kingdom. We stay in contact 1000s of miles from each other.
Living a life without purpose is not fulfilling, nor it is not satisfying !

Having a very stable health is absolutely crucial for proper brain function. Sleep, hydration and nutrition ! Unless you dialled in these three, you will be derailed all the time ! You’ll get drunk at weekends and pushing back your goals for years. You get into serious arguments, again throwing your objectives away maybe forever. Eating incorrectly and sleeping badly and you might even forget forever, that in this Universe everyone has a purpose.

Health makes us understand through proper bodily functions, that we need to have a goal in order the go through life with joy, fun, objectives and fulfilled soul everyday.
Pain, fluctuating energy levels, constant brain-fog, too deeply ingrained good or bad habits, being too comfortable. These all just numbing and slowly tearing down the rate of your growth !
Passing time with ourselves and using inner philosophy is a second, but equivalent of health. Asking questions to us ! Self questioning :

What am I doing here, why I am here ? What are my responsibilities right now ? What do I must do ? What did I do, what I have to correct ? Does it really matter what I have done ? Is it good or bad ? Is my behaviour correct ? Am I right or wrong ? Who decides that I am right or wrong in any particular matter ? …and so much more !

I said, find your why and meant search your why ! The thing is that knowing that you have a purpose and looking for it is enough ! This is already an enormous growth process ! There are lot of people who don’t know what to do with their life ! However instead of giving up the journey and settling down, getting married, having 2 children, 2 cars, they keep on looking for that magical thing what could bring change.

Education is just so important. Reading, learning, researching, listening to books, podcast, enrolling on university night courses, getting into a language course and so. How would you know if one particular subject might interest you, if you did not even know that it existed ? How would you become a Kuk Sool Won master or a 3D modelling guru, till you knew it is out there ?

Don’t get me wrong ! There is nothing inappropriate with simple people who do not know what Spirulina, Tesla or the great pacific plastic patch are. Unconsciously some of these guys are satisfied and have a fulfilled joyful life. Their purpose is to support the family, make the wife and children happy and to provide ! However some are just settled into the sameexact lifestyle and have a dull expression on their face and despite the work, the family and the big house, there is no actual goal, no journey !

If you are not satisfied where you’re at. If you want to do more, or something else. Keep on learning ! Keep on self developing ! You might never find your true purpose and never expand your true potential to it’s max, but you try till you die ! Every day, every hour, every second ! Life is a long and joyful, never-ending voyage ! Regardless how hard it is, every day you should wake up with excitement about new obstacles and challenges  ! Keep on going !

Post Editing: I recently listened to the Rich Roll podcast  with the superfood hunter Darin Olien and actually he talks about the exact same thing I just described in this little guiding article. Get your baseline done! Sleep, Hydration, General nutrition ! Then you can go forward with breathing, emotions, inner connections, self discovery, philosophy, movement, motivation, gratitude, GOALS ! You’ll be unstoppable ! 

Your success and satisfaction are measured only by you ! 

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