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BLOG: End of year performances 2016

After my DNF in September's Ultra event (UTCAM145), I took the necessary two weeks off to recover, before jumping into a proper training cycle. What I needed is more likely a mental boost, than muscular recovery. This is another subject, but despite... Continue Reading →

HIIT High intensity interval training fraud

If you were into fitness / business, HIIT training might have already hit you. This is nothing new, we have already been doing it since kinder-garden to university. Jumping jacks, following holla hoop, skipping rope and bear crawls in the... Continue Reading →

Stimium MC3 – Citrulline Malate

  Citrulline-Malate is the main compound in Stimium. I will try to explain this, on an understandable way, so let’s start with malate. Malate Malate, a chemical compound found in small quantities in apples, is an important part of... Continue Reading →

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