One on One or small-group training service for the athlete minded. No matter what goals you have, you can achieve them by setting  a very stable baseline by learning technique, correcting posture and establishing breathing patterns, then progressing towards the high-end advanced methods. This is true for work, life, family, fitness and high performance sports. If you were willing to learn, to educate yourself by listening, questioning, researching, I am your man. However if you want to come once a week just to go through motion in order to satisfy friend chatter and basic sweat needs, I can still advise you somebody.

  • Personalised ultra-endurance coaching
  • Sport and life posture alignment, bracing techniques, neural timing
  • Breathing patterns for everyday stress and sports performance
  • Mobility and flexibility routines with incorporated yoga, pilates, dynamic stretching and strength training principles
  • Sport specific muscular development: road, trail and ultra running, cycling and mountain-biking, nordic walking, triathlon, tennis, volleyball 
  • Education on health and recovery techniques: contrast showers, cold immersion, barefoot lifestyle, fire-breathing, light-therapy, EMS, natural nutrition and hydration, periodic ketogenic dieting, fasting and feasting

You got an objective in mind ? Drop me a mail and we can discuss…